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From Baker to a career in Digital Forensics

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By: Raul Cândido

March 6, 2019

It may seem like a big leap, perhaps even impossible, for a baker to become a Digital Forensic Specialist. I come from a family of bakery workers, my father and six of his brothers have been confectioners or bakers for over 50 years. Growing up in this nest it was natural that when the time came I would follow my family's traditional careers, my roots are well defined.It was many years of hard work, with breaks only once after many months and working between eight and twelve hours daily. A repetitive work with hundreds of different products and following different scripts to be produced. I have striven to become good in that branch, although I have the advantage of knowing the secrets of this work from childhood. It was strenuous work for sure, but is there more dignifying work than producing the bread that other workers will eat before starting their own work?Unfortunately I suffer from a congenital condition, a dermatitis that makes me allergic to my own sweat, so working in an environment with industrial ovens could not be permanent. When change became inevitable the first image that came to mind was a data center, after all the temperature in an environment with servers is totally opposite to the environment of a bakery. But how could I prepare myself for this work?In childhood my father enrolled me in an introductory programming course with Visual Basics and later on a web designer course, this first contact was what later led me to choose to study Linux and become a systems administrator. Of course there are many other steps involved in this path, I temporarily worked as a web designer and later I enrolled in a local college. However many skills in Cybersecurity can not be obtained in college, it is necessary to study for yourself subjects that will not be addressed in and reinforce all the fundamentals learned. If you do not have the financial resources, or have become a parent at age 16 like me, time and money will always be difficulties to be circumvented. That's why I'm doing this post on Cybrary, here there are very experienced professionals, official instructors in preparatory courses for various certifications, and these experts are here offering free courses.Over the years, I always seek to volunteer in community events such as Bsides, H2HC, Roadsec and Sacicon, among others. I take my free time to study more and so use every resource around me to continue to deepen even in the knowledge I already have, after all as my father would say "your personal effort may not be seen after all it is important to keep the apron clean, but the quality of your work will always make a difference. "
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