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By: BhaskarKannan
September 15, 2017

Introducing the AutomateNmap Tool

By: BhaskarKannan
September 15, 2017
BhaskarKannan s profile image
By: BhaskarKannan
September 15, 2017

Hello, Guys!

I developed a tool called AutomateNmap which helps security professionals to automate Nmap commands and scripts. It is written in Python and available on GitHub: (https://github.com/bhaskarkannan/AutomateNmap).

I have added 5 scripts and 1 command in this tool (for demo). You can add scripts according to your needs and desires.


Nmap Latest version


Any Linux distro (Highly recommend KALI Linux)

Installation procedure:

Step 1: Open the command prompt and type “git clone https://github.com/bhaskarkannan/AutomateNmap

Step 2: cd AutomateNmap/utils

Step 3: chmod 755 install.sh

Step4: ./install.sh

(^ It will install the tool.)

Step5: cd ../

Step 6: python automap.py

Step 7: type “help” to play the tool

Please give your feedback about this tool and let me know if you have any issues with it.

You can reach me by commenting below, or connect with me via Twitter @Bhaskarkanan

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