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2019 Black Hat Conference Debrief: Key Takeaways and Insights

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By: Tom Condrasky

August 30, 2019

Blog post by ThycoticFrom social media manipulation and Deep Fakes to DevSecOps and improving Active Directory security, the annual Black Hat conference in Las Vegas highlighted the latest in cybercriminal and cyber security countermeasures. As a follow up to the show, we’re preparing to release our annual Black Hat 2019 Hacker Survey Report, which, spoiler alert, is focused on privileged accounts and so much more.
  • Top privileged account targets preferred by hackers
  • How hackers cover their tracks once a privileged account is compromised
  • The biggest obstacles hackers encounter when seeking to compromise credentials
  • “This is an area where much risk is concentrated, yet clients often struggle to manage and rotate credentials for nonhuman users,” Gartner warns in the MQ for PAM 2018. Join our upcoming webinar, 2019 Black Hat Conference Debrief: Key Takeaways and Insights, and get ready to talk all things service account management PLUS receive a complimentary copy of the Black Hat 2019 report.

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