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UNMASKED: Tesla, Apple, and DocuSign

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By: Olivia

February 23, 2018

Introducing UNMASKED, your source for the latest and greatest in cyber security and at Cybrary, found in a new, easily downloadable and interactive PDF format. Get more from your reading experience by clicking the buttons or bolded text to explore content beyond what's on the page.In this edition, we'll explore the week's top headlines which include Tesla, Apple, and DocuSign. See how cryptocurrency is being mined without permission (again), this time from a major business after hackers accessed a company S3 bucket. Get insight on what's hot in the Cybrary catalog and meet a fellow Cybrarian who offers advice on turning your cybersecurity hobby into a career. Follow the career path of a Cognizant Information Security Engineer. You'll see what the skills and knowledge are for the position alongside corresponding resources on the site. Plus, make connections to the data found in the 2018 Annual Cybersecurity Report from Cisco and the evolution of malware. Is human action even necessary for devices to get infected with malware?

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