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Top 10 Reasons to Choose MOC On-Demand

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By: Vikrant Saran

November 26, 2018

So, you always want to pursue Microsoft training and attain the certification; however, lack opportunities to enroll in one hinder your way. Now, with Microsoft official on-demand training can be a boon for you. This is the right method to fulfill all your upskilling goals.Get all the benefits of Microsoft Official Training at one place with ON-Demand (Microsoft) courses.Let read about all the benefits of MOC On-Demand:
  1. Supreme Quality Content- It is a comprehensive and quality product which combines all the videos, reading material, content, knowledge checks, and everything that one requires to ace the exam and gain in-depth knowledge. This content comes from directly the source – Microsoft designed by industry experts and reach to perfection.
  2. Official Curriculum- Both for knowledge gaps fulfillment or completing training for simply gaining more knowledge Microsoft Official Courses – On demand comes handy. You get to prepare for certification and clearing exam becomes handier.

  3. Hands-on Labs Live- Practice makes a man perfect. Well, it goes true here as well. MOC On Demand labs in a real-world environment as hands-on lab practice in Microsoft virtual environment is the same that participants use in the classroom and additionally you choose your place and pace to practice.
  4. 24/7 Availability- We all know that pursuing a full-time course in addition to a full-time job is a cumbersome process. We all seek healthy living these days and strive to maintain work-life balance. So here comes the handy way to pursue your dream Microsoft skill and yet get the control to your life.
  5. Saving on Time, money and energy- Transportation and everyday travel is a toll in these times, especially if you are staying in a metropolitan city, due to traffic congestions. So, why travel far if you can get what you want right at your doorstep or while traveling from your daily public transport. Your MOC On-Demand courses can be experienced on any smart device that you carry. This way to can enjoy your ‘me’ time relaxing or mingling with friends and family.
  6. Focus from the Modular Structure- You can choose complete piecemeal or in an order you can also choose what you need to focus on. It is you who controls the process.
  7. Access of 90 Days- You can access all the content for 3 months after you redeem the code. It is much handy when it comes to coping with information overflow for 5 days at a stretch. Learning at your own pace is one of the best features of On-Demand courses. In the office, at home, or anywhere else it’s up to you.
  8. Designed and Authorized by Microsoft Experts- These experts know all the detail of the product, so why would you choose something else if you get all the knowledge directly from Microsoft experts.
  9. Immediate Feedback – Knowledge Checks- Knowledge check for checking your expertise and mastery over each module can be attained with constant knowledge checks. Always check your knowledge gained with these tests and find out if you are ready to move on.
  10. User-Friendly & Engaging Environment- We all know that if it is designed by Microsoft team then it must be world-class and interactive. Everything is crystal clear and concise and meant to give best user friendliness. All the above-mentioned reasons make it one of the best medium to seek Microsoft Official training along with your usual daily activities. All the best!
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