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Baltimore Cyber Security Jobs

Baltimore, Maryland may not be as prominent as neighboring cities on the U.S. east coast, but it has a scrappy reputation for not taking guff off anyone. This is evident is both its storied history and the grittiness of its citizenry. It attained its moniker (one of many) “Charm City” as a result of a city-wide initiative during the 1970s to improve its image. It’s debatable whether the initiative worked, but one thing is certain: Baltimore retains its hard edge while offering much in the way of culture, commerce, and medical care and research.

Baltimore is probably best known for being a key battleground during the war of 1812 between a young America and its former colonizer, England. During a British naval assault on Fort McHenry in Baltimore Harbor, an observer to the battle, Francis Scott Key, penned the poem that would become the Star Bangled Banner. The city has experienced revolts, fire, and riots over the years, but has rebuilt and moved forward to become both a center for commerce as well as a noted tourist destination.

Technology jobs are not as numerous in Baltimore as in Washington, DC and the I270 corridor further south in Maryland, but there is an entrepreneurial community of tech startups within the city. IT opportunities also exist with larger services company in the city as well as with Johns Hopkins University and some of the state government offices located in downtown Baltimore. Baltimore cyber security jobs can be found with many of these employers for those with the proper credentials.

Cyber Security Jobs in Baltimore

For much of its history, Baltimore was an industrial and manufacturing center that focused on steel processing, shipping, auto manufacturing, and transportation. During the early 20th century, Baltimore also refined crude oil that was pumped in via pipeline from nearby Pennsylvania. A deindustrialization period led to a shift to low-wage service jobs, which currently account for about 90% of the jobs in the city. As a result, almost a quarter of the city’s residents live in poverty.

Despite this bleak condition, downtown Baltimore is home to many office buildings and professional opportunities exist in this part of the city. The city’s two major employers are Johns Hopkins University and its associated hospital. Other large companies in the Baltimore include Under Armour, Legg Mason, T. Rowe Price, and Royal Farms. Baltimore also has a thriving port, which is anchored by the World Trade Center Baltimore.

Surprisingly, the cost of housing in Baltimore is lower than that of Washington, DC to the south. In some cases, it may make sense to live in Baltimore and commute outside the city to areas where IT jobs are more plentiful. Nevertheless, cyber security jobs in Baltimore can be found with some persistence and the right training and experience.

Living and Working in Baltimore

Baltimore is a fun place to live and work and is known as a city of neighborhoods with Little Italy, Fells Point, and Federal Hill being the most notable. The Inner Harbor offers a scenic waterside view and is encircled by restaurants, bars, and retail stores. In terms of cultural pursuits, the city has the Walters Art Gallery, the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, and many historical sites and buildings. There is also the National Aquarium situated in the Inner Harbor and boasts perhaps one of the most beautiful baseball stadiums in the world in Camden Yards – Go, O’s!

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