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Adelaide Cyber Security Jobs

Adelaide may not be Australia’s largest city with just over one million inhabitants, but it certainly holds its own as a great place to live and work. Adelaide is one of the most progressive cities in Australia. From its earliest beginnings, Adelaide has been known for its religious freedoms, political progressivism, and promotion of civil liberties. The city also owes a deep debt of gratitude to one of its early founders for having the foresight to choose a location along a river and laying out the city in a grid pattern made up of wide boulevards and large public squares. He also chose to surround the city entirely by park lands. Not too shabby!

Adelaide is South Australia’s seat of government as well as a major commercial center. It has well-developed financial and business centers and is the site of many government institutions. Coupled with being a major center for health and technology research, the demand of IT professionals is strong. Adelaide cyber security jobs remain strong performers in the city’s growing economy.

Cyber Security Jobs in Adelaide

Adelaide and South Australia experienced a series of economic setbacks over the years due to periodic droughts and regional and global economic recessions. But each time, the city regrouped and bounced back even stronger. Investment and building projects led the way during these periods of recovery. The economy of Adelaide has evolved from one of a mining and agricultural-based economy to a well-diversified one.

The region’s largest employment sector is health care and social assistance. Retail, manufacturing, defense, technology and research, and services round out South Australia’s economic landscape. Auto manufacturing is also prominent and almost half of the cars in Australia are produced there. The defense and technology industry in Adelaide counts companies such as BAE, Lockheed Martin, and Raytheon as residents.

An interesting employment trend towards part time employment has taken hold in Adelaide. This may not be good news for expats seeking to live and work in Adelaide, but it makes things more flexible for Australian nationals. The good news is that the cost of living in Adelaide is substantially lower than in other Australian cities, particularly when compared to pricey Sydney!

Well-qualified IT professionals and those with STEM degrees have many employment options within Adelaide’s defense and technology sector as well as with private companies in most of the other economic sectors. Cyber security jobs in Adelaide can be found with not only defense and technology research companies, but also with financial services firms and banks.

Living and Working in Adelaide

Adelaide has a Mediterranean type climate and its summers are much less oppressive than Sydney. The city is ringed by outer suburbs, whose growth is causing the city’s highway system to get maxed out due to congestion. Adelaide has long been known as the “Twenty Minute City” due to being able to get end-to-end within twenty minutes.

Adelaide has much to offer in the way of sport, entertainment, and culture. There is a great deal of ethnic and religious diversity in Adelaide and it’s known as “The City of Churches.” The city is host to many international cultural fairs and being the state capital, is home to a great many cultural institutions such as museums, libraries, as well as a botanical garden.

Adelaide is a destination worth considering for living and working for both Australian citizens as well as foreigners seeking to relocate to Australia. You can find more information on obtaining an Australian work visa on our Melbourne cyber security jobs page.

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