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Accra Cyber Security Jobs

Built around old forts left over from British, Danish, and Dutch occupation, Accra has emerged as a thriving metropolitan area on Africa’s Gold Coast. Accra is a compact city with just over two million people and serves as the capital of Ghana. It also serves as the region’s economic and administrative hub. A testament to its prominent status is the many skyscrapers and modern apartment buildings throughout the city.

Accra’s position as an Atlantic port city has attracted a diverse collection of businesses. Fishing, shipping, manufacturing as well as financial industries have made Accra their base of operations. The region has experienced a period of immigration in recent years from the Americas, Europe, Asia, and from other African countries.

Employment opportunities in Accra are available to both Ghanaian citizens as well as foreign nationals, though not quite as abundant as in larger African cities such as Cape Town and Nairobi, however, a growing metropolitan region such as Ghana will always have demand for qualified IT professionals. And for those with the right training and experience, Accra cyber security jobs will only continue to increase right along with the economic growth of the region.

Cyber Security Jobs in Accra

The major business sectors that comprise Accra’s economy are: manufacturing, marketing, finance, insurance, and transportation. Numerous banks are headquartered in Accra and they range from the central bank, commercial banks, developments banks, and merchant and mortgage banks.

Real estate is also a vital economic sector in Accra with numerous real estate developers present in both the residential and commercial markets. Commercial real estate projects take the form of shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, and sports complexes.

The smaller economic sectors in Accra consist of fishing and urban agriculture. Urban agriculture focuses on growing vegetables and other crops, as well as poultry raising. Fishing maintains a long history of importance in Accra with 10% of the catch being exported and the rest consumed locally.

Unemployment is on the high side in Accra and stands at 12.2% of the city’s workforce, however, demand remains strong for qualified IT professionals. Focusing your job search on cyber security jobs in Accra should yield strong prospects in your African job search.

Living and Working in Accra

 Accra’s coastal location makes for a relatively pleasant climate that exists somewhere between sub-tropical and semi-arid. And if you like uniformity in your weather and sunlight, then Accra is the place for you! Accra’s close proximity to the equator endow it with relatively consistent temperatures and daylight hours. You should be advised that the region is subject to high winds and coastal storms on occasion.

Poverty exists in Accra and there several slum neighborhoods in the city. An initiative is currently underway to renovate these slum areas by constructing new apartment blocks. Along with poverty, crime usually follows. Though the crime rate is not rampant in Accra, you do want to be vigilant and protect yourself and your property when out and about.

Due to the unemployment situation in Ghana, obtaining a work visa for Accra, tends to be difficult as priority for employment is given to citizens. As a result, the government has put an immigration quota in place. Having in-demand skills such as in the fields of IT and cyber security can potentially provide you with an edge.

A point of note: Ghana has established an E-Crime Bureau that is headquartered in Accra. This would be a great place for Ghanaian citizens with cyber security training and experience to apply.

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