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Abidjan Cyber Security Jobs

By RyansWorld (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Abidjan is located on the Ivory Coast of Africa and has attracted immigrants and visitors from all over Africa as well as the rest of the world. The economy of the city is what attracts others to it, but this has created a stark contrast between wealth and poverty. Not all comers are able to find gainful employment or positions that pay a decent wage, but despite certain disadvantages, Abidjan has emerged as an African powerhouse in terms of economy and culture.

Abidjan rose quickly as a major port and capital city of the former French colony during the first half of the 20th century. It lost its distinction as the capital in 1983, but remains the epicenter of political and diplomatic activity for the Ivory Coast. The population of Abidjan is just shy of 5 million and is only surpassed by Lagos in Nigeria for number of inhabitants.

The primary industries in Abidjan are manufacturing, oil production, and agriculture. Opportunities for IT professionals are not as abundant as in some of the other major African metropolitan areas, but pockets of opportunities exist and should continue to increase along with the city’s growth and development. Abidjan cyber security jobs are one bright spot for IT professionals as the need to secure systems and data remains critical.

Cyber Security Jobs in Abidjan

With the primary industries in Abidjan centered on sectors that have a heavy demand for manual laborers the opportunities for skilled IT workers is somewhat limited with most of these positions going to citizens. The same situation exists for employment opportunities with government ministries – IT positions are limited to citizens of the Ivory Coast.

Expats looking to emigrate to Abidjan to work and live are best advised to explore opportunities in the tertiary sector of the economy. This sector includes international commercial banks and a wide variety of service companies. Foreign-based companies are much more willing to sponsor employees from outside the country, especially for positions where the skills and experience are lacking among the local population. Cyber security jobs in Abidjan are an example of skill sets that often go wanting within the country.

Living and Working in Abidjan

In a word, the climate of Abidjan can be described as wet. It’s been known to rain non-stop for several consecutive days. Even during the dry winter season, precipitation is not uncommon, so be sure you outfit yourself with an umbrella and rain gear when making the move to Abidjan!

Abidjan is a very urbanized city with a high population density and lots of steel and concrete. Pockets of extreme poverty are located within the urban boundaries and crime tends towards the high side. This is the result of drug use and a general lack of police personnel. As with any major urban area, the best advice is to avoid high-crime areas and to remain alert.

Obtaining a work visa for Abidjan is a strict, but relatively straightforward process. Like several other African countries where unemployment tends towards the high side, the employer sponsoring your visa must demonstrate that no citizen will be denied a position as a result of your employment. A nice feature of an Ivory Coast work visa is that a residency visa is included in the deal.

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