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S3SS10N Wednesday – Ransomware, Where It Fits In Your Budget

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S3SS10N Wednesday – Ransomware, Where It Fits In Your Budget

Published: April 20, 2016 | By: Tatianna | Views: 1986

What is S3SS10N Wednesday?

S3SS10N Wednesdays are weekly 15 minute (or less) white board lessons by Cybrary Instructors and SME’s. They are designed to provide you with a quick dose of cyber security learning. We publish a new episode every Wednesday morning (Eastern Time). Now, check out our newest episode below!


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Instructor Bio-

Joshua Marpet
Josh’s background is varied across many roles, from Senior InfoSec Analyst, Blacksmith, Information Security Conference Organizer, Law Enforcement, and Firefighter. Josh is currently an SVP of Compliance and Managed Services for CyberGRC, an advisor to multiple cyber security companies, working with economic development and educational organizations for rural areas to bring high tech firms to them. He is also a member of multiple CEO networking groups, and in his spare time, enjoys hiking.

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Purpose of this Session:
This lesson covers how to fit ransomware into an organization’s operating budget. In 2015, the FBI received 2,453 complaints from people who lost $24.1 million as a result of having data stolen.
Organizations need to be able to back up database servers to make sure sensitive information survives in case of a crash and that is where being prepared with ransomware comes in and planning ahead in case of a disaster. This is also important to be in accordance with most compliance laws.

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  1. Backups are very important. We recently had an issue with ransom ware and back ups saved the day.

  2. Good information…. Proves that Good old backup systems and procedures are very essential… Thnx

  3. Great, one more thing, well this is us, training our end-users, lost hope on that one, but still necessary, we are implementing now on our servers File system auditing capabilities, not just what windows server offers, but third party tools, this shows you files touch changes, etc, once you see a flag in those reports you know something is up, but I agree 100% with testing backups…another thing for those relying on Windows Server so if you have another means for backup, but do not solely rely on that, we have a client that did not want to invest on a backup solution (Acronis) we were recommending, and when the QB file got corrupted the backup from the day before was useless, the day before that was good, but you never really know or trust what Windows server backup is doing, do not put all your eggs in one basket that’s for sure.

    When fighting for your budget just present the lost time when hit by this plague, we have a business they do about 12k a day in retail, they understood that by being down 3 hours of a working day they will be out with 3-8k lost for the day accounting revenue, labor, employees and coffee brakes, after that we got 4k shopping money to go and get more protection and peace of mind, never enough with all these new treats but worth the budget fight.

  4. Fantastic video. I like bringing to light the loss of data since the last full or incremental backup. Good stuff right there.

    In addition to testing your backups and DR plans, I’d recommend some additional proactive measures to prevent ransomware infections. Such things would include implementing a least privilege w/ application control, hard tuning your IPS’s block mode, and end-user training on social engineering (phishing).

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