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S3SS10N Wednesday – These 4 Steps Will Prevent You From Ransomware Destruction

S3SS10N Wednesday – These 4 Steps Will Prevent You From Ransomware Destruction

Author: Tatianna | Published on April 6, 2016 | Views: 3192

What is S3SS10N Wednesday?

S3SS10N Wednesdays are weekly 15 minute (or less) white board lessons by Cybrary Instructors and SME’s. They are designed to provide you with a quick dose of cyber security learning. We publish a new episode every Wednesday morning (Eastern Time). Now, check out our newest episode below!


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Instructor Bio –

Max Alexander

Currently a Federal Law Enforcement Officer, Max is a graduate of the Defense Cybercrime Investigation Academy’s Cyber Crime Investigation program. He has 17 years of special operations and investigative experience, and has worked with and provided training to local, state, federal, and foreign law enforcement and military organizations.

Whiteboard Notes

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Max Ransomware Prevention Session

This Session:
This brief session covers ransomware and offers an overview, discussing recent trends as well as methods of prevention. Ransomware is a form of malware that attacks an organization or an individual’s computer system and basically holds the operating system hostage until remuneration is given to the hacker who has done the damage. This is becoming a very lucrative thing for hackers as they have discovered if they get paid in BitCoin that it is very hard for law enforcement officials to catch them. Recent trends include attacks against hospital operating systems in California, Kentucky and Canada. The FBI is currently investigating these attacks and so far the hospitals have not paid off these cyber criminals. There have also been attacks on the operating systems of law enforcement agencies such as police departments.
Regarding methods of prevention, it is important to train end users on security so they can be educated about phishing e mails and being careful about opening attachments. There are also patches and updates an IT administrator can install on their operating systems to prevent attacks. In the event of a ransomware attack, there are various ways of responding. It is recommended not to pay the ransom, this is a last resort. First, be sure to disconnect from the Internet so nothing else can get compromised. There are also things you can download to scan your computer and remove the malware. There are also shadow files in the Windows operating system, which is done automatically to create copies of your data.

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