[podcast] “Moxie vs Mechanisms”: The Over-Dependence on Tools and Automation

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[podcast] “Moxie vs Mechanisms”: The Over-Dependence on Tools and Automation

Author: BrBr | Published on February 11, 2016 | Views: 1211

This week starts with an apology to Michael Gough about comments I (Bryan) mangled on the “Anti-Virus… What is it good for?” podcast. Then we get into the meat of our topic… a person’s “Moxie” vs. a mechanism

Moxie: noun

“force of character, determination, or nerve.”


Automation is a great thing. It allows us to do a lot more work with less personnel, run mundane tasks without having to think about them, and even allow us to do security scans on web applications and assets in your enterprise.

But is our dependence on these tools making us lazy, or giving us a false sense of security? What is the ‘happy medium’ that we should find when deciding to spend the GDP of a small country for the latest compliance busting tool, or spend the necessary Operational Expenditure (OpEx) for a couple of junior personnel or a seasoned professional.

Mr. Boettcher and I discuss over-reliance, blindly trusting results, and what can happen when you have too much automation, and not enough people around to manage those tools.


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