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Python is one of the most popular programming languages right now. Around the world, many companies are using python.

This blog tells you where you can learn Python for free whether you are beginner or have little programming experience mostly all the content listed here is for complete beginner like me.

Cybrary has a python class. It’s good to learn the basics of the language and how to use it in the cyber security field.

This is a website where you can learn many languages like C++, Javascript, HTML, and several others. I am a complete beginner, so right now I’m learning from Sololearn only and you can even download the app too if you are an Android or iOS user.


You can go to MIT open courseware and this is a website where you don’t need to register for anything. It’s an open source course all the lectures are given by MIT lecturers. For complete beginners, it is recommended that you take Introduction to computer science and programming.

This is a good learning website, but you just need to register and search for the Python course or any other language that you want to learn. They provide certificates.


Codecademy is also one of the better websites where you can learn basics of python in a practical way. You can take PRO version of Codecademy it’s a paid version where you get access to the project content.

Automate the Boring Stuff with Python

This is one of the websites where you can learn python that is for complete beginners.

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  1. I’m a complete beginner to coding and I really liked automatetheboringstuff compared to a lot of other sources. I feel like self learning any kind of coding always winds up quickly hitting a wall because most sites and such just immediately jump into complicated (at least for a newbie) explanations with few examples to try yourself. It’s always something like “here is some random code, here is a brief explanation of something (like list or tuples). Now figure out what the outcome of the code will be and type it here ___”

    While automatetheboringstuff walks you through it in the actual coding environment and has you actually make short little scrips so you get the feeling of accomplishment as well as getting used to typing code and start building both interactive memory and muscle memory. I know since I started a few week ago I’ve gotten a lot faster at typing out special characters like + () : * % etc.

    That’s just my humble opinion though, I’m sure everyone has their preferred way of learning.

    Thanks a million for the sites!

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