Tor and Proxychains – Tip for Hacking Anonymous

December 30, 2016 | Views: 22980

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Anonymity is an interesting protective weapon, whether inside or outside the computer network. In this post I’ll introduce two basic tips on this topic using Tor and Proxychains, so come on!

First, install Tor and Proxychains on your Linux distribution:

Debian and derivatives: $ sudo apt-get install tor proxychains

Arch Linux and derivatives: $ sudo pacman -S tor proxychains

For other distributions, look at the documentation for compatibility/installation instructions.


After installing the packages, we will configure Proxychains for a dynamic chain and add a line to the Socks5 protocol at the end of the file.

  1. Delete the # sign before dynamic_chain.
  2. Put a # signal before the strict_chain function.
  3. Put the following Socks5 protocol statement on the last line: socks5 9050
  4. Save the file.

Example configuration in Pastebin:


Start the Tor service:

  1. In distros based on Debian.
    • # service tor start
  2. In Arch Linux based distros.
    • # systemctl start tor.service
  3. Open a Terminal and run Proxychains with your favorite browser. Disable any Proxy in the browser, if it is in use.
    • # proxychains firefox

Test if your IP address has changed, if not, revise your Proxychains settings.

TIP: It is possible to do port scanning with Nmap and Proxychains.

Socks proxies servers have limitations, in case the target receives an IMCP Ping, its actual IP will be detected. To avoid this we will use the syntax of the Nmap option –sT (3-way-handshake complete) and -Pn (not to use ping).

Command Demo:

# proxychains nmap -sT -Pn
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  1. Regardless of security agencies like FBI,CIA, Tor network still remains unsafe because the exit node(relay)to the target is not encrypted. This always causes a security breach as far as Tor network, however we can as this point use VPNs for our anonymity so that it can encrypt the end relay to the target.In case there is other techniques used, please let myself and the group know.

    • The current Tor network can still bring anonymity to the individual, it is not recommended that the same access explicit content which may be under investigation. The most interesting tip I mentioned is the possibility of a Scanning using Tor, so in the future I will bring means of anonymity in which the levels of compromise of the user’s data are low. Talking about VPN has a lot of discussion because most of them, almost most of them store users’ data and pass it on to third parties, but in the future I will recommend the most secure ones so far(I will also bring other means of anonymity). 🙂

  2. u said to use tor
    But tor is safe no more
    Anyone who is control over the othet end can easily find us
    This is what FBI did to find out the biggest child pornography website

    • I do not access pedophilia websites and you? Tor will still complete a new anonymity project, which will be safer and even faster according to the team. There are many people who do not study anonymously and believe that just use Tor and that’s it, but by making Tor add-ons and other tools you can be undetectable. I do not know if the Cybrary allows to post about what I commented, in fact, it can serve both good and bad.

  3. I know a few people that use proxychains with their VPN to protect their anonymity. I personally don’t like using Tor nodes because they can be very slow at times, but proxychains is a potent tool and I respect it’s value.

  4. Is it possible with Chrome ? Cuz it uses system proxy settings by default

  5. Question what about Firefox about:config setting for remote_dns that is set false. Should this be set to true to keep you DNS queries safe?

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