Tor and Proxychains – Tip for Hacking Anonymous

December 30, 2016 | Views: 26370

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Anonymity is an interesting protective weapon, whether inside or outside the computer network. In this post I’ll introduce two basic tips on this topic using Tor and Proxychains, so come on!

First, install Tor and Proxychains on your Linux distribution:

Debian and derivatives: $ sudo apt-get install tor proxychains

Arch Linux and derivatives: $ sudo pacman -S tor proxychains

For other distributions, look at the documentation for compatibility/installation instructions.


After installing the packages, we will configure Proxychains for a dynamic chain and add a line to the Socks5 protocol at the end of the file.

  1. Delete the # sign before dynamic_chain.
  2. Put a # signal before the strict_chain function.
  3. Put the following Socks5 protocol statement on the last line: socks5 9050
  4. Save the file.

Example configuration in Pastebin:


Start the Tor service:

  1. In distros based on Debian.
    • # service tor start
  2. In Arch Linux based distros.
    • # systemctl start tor.service
  3. Open a Terminal and run Proxychains with your favorite browser. Disable any Proxy in the browser, if it is in use.
    • # proxychains firefox

Test if your IP address has changed, if not, revise your Proxychains settings.

TIP: It is possible to do port scanning with Nmap and Proxychains.

Socks proxies servers have limitations, in case the target receives an IMCP Ping, its actual IP will be detected. To avoid this we will use the syntax of the Nmap option –sT (3-way-handshake complete) and -Pn (not to use ping).

Command Demo:

# proxychains nmap -sT -Pn
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  1. please can you teach how to access a site running on apache2 server on another network not localhost

  2. Also you can use whonix gateway and tor to stop webRTC local ip address leaks.

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