Three Proven Strategies to Stay Safe from Cyber Attacks

September 14, 2016 | Views: 4051

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Cyber security is vital for businesses, especially small and medium sized ones. Why? Because they often don’t have the cyber security infrastructure or staff that large companies have to ensure that files and bank accounts aren’t left susceptible to being compromised.

At first, for anyone, cyber security can feel very complex – and it is! But to make is easier, here are three proven strategies that companies of all sizes can implement to make sure they are keeping themselves safe from cyber-attacks.

Use these tips to educate yourself and others on what is necessary to stay safe and, for some businesses, compliant with regulation, with sensitive information.

  1. Use a layered defensive security approach.
    • Using software or other solutions at different points in and around a given network.
    • Layered defenses are important because they can often (depending on the amount of layers) prevent a breach from happening at all.
  2. Train employees (not just lower level employees, but employers and management as well).
    • Employees are most often the weakest link in any business’ security.
    • This is the easiest way for attackers to bypass many or all of the technical procedures put in place.
  3. Monitor and maintain network security all the time (24/7).
    • Trouble never sleeps, and there is always someone in the world who will want to attack your company or personal information.


If you want to watch a more comprehensive video that explains all of this, you can watch it on YouTube below:

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  1. Nice one dude

  2. Thanks of sharing the info. I can see how the three identified techniques, if properly implemented, can provide a hedge of protection for an organization.

  3. Thank you for sharing this! Too few people know that a properly trained employee in a software company can negate most of the potential losses or attacks that company may endure.

    • It’s very true. As stated in the video…people are often tricked into giving away passwords or other sensitive information because they don’t know how to spot a phishing attack.

  4. This is a good video for an executive summary of security.

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