The Most Important Skills You Need to Become a Hacker (and How to Learn Them)

December 14, 2015 | Views: 34240

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Being a Hacker is not only about coding, computer hardware/software and networking. Of course, these are really important, but there are other skills that you should consider even before you think about study programming, exploit, pen test, etc. So, in this post, I’ll tell you which are the skills and how to acquire them.


1 – Problem Solving: This is kinda obvious. Every hacker need problem solving skills. If you don’t have them, try to develop them. There are lots of apps available for Android and apple devices that can help with that. Search for “Brain enhancement apps.” Another thing that might help you is searching for different solutions for your everyday problems: Let’s say you need to go to work, but you car is broken. Now, think: “What should I do now? Well, what if I take the bus? What if I call someone to help me fix it?” Memorize the possibilities and the consequences. I assure you, this will help you.


2 – Creativity: Don’t think that a hacker is 100% logical. Creativity is more than necessary if you really want to learn about hacking. In order to become a creative person, you need to do creative hobbies like:

  • Listen to music, from classical to heavy metal (don’t always listen to you favorite band, try to listen to other genres)
  • Write stories that you created (don’t copy from another author)
  • Play a musical instrument
  • Make art
  • Take creative pictures.

These will make you a different person, because you will become creative, not just another simple human being.


3 – Persistence: I can’t actually explain you how to be persistent, because this has to be inside of you. You can’t just  start something and give up on it because “it’s too hard” or “you’re too dumb for that.” Everything can be learned. Everything. You just need to focus, study and practice. I assure you that when learn about hacking, it may not be easy. It’s a long, long way – but you can learn. So, don’t give up my friend!


4 – Patience: So, you think that in 2 weeks you’re gonna be the greatest hacker in the world? I’m sorry, but that’s far from being true. It will take you years to learn what you need and you still won’t learn everything. I’ll tell you something you might think is silly, but it really isn’t: Meditation. The best way to become a calm person is to meditate from 5 to 15 minutes everyday. And meditation won’t just increase you patience – but your life too. By meditating, you can live up to 5 years longer than you would. So, I highly recommend it. Do this search in YouTube if you don’t know how to start: “How to meditate”


So, these are the tips I’m gonna give you. You probably thought that, to become the master hacker, you need to learn everything about computers and that’s it. There’s some truth in that, but these skills I just listed are essential. If you have them, congratulations my friend, you can be a good hacker if you’re willing to. If you have any doubts about this post, just comment and I will answer you. I hope this was helpful, bye!



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