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By: Jeremy Bannister (The Cyber Eagle)

Take 1Enter the Eagles Nest (Intro)

I have decided to write a series of articles that relate to the state of cyber security in today’s’ IT industry. I will share some of my ideas and suggestions that could not only greatly benefit the future of the Information Technology industry, it could help shape the overall future of our country. This will be the first of as many as seven to twelve articles that I  will release for the public to view on the World Wide Web. If this article gets published and receives an interest from the readers or members of the website or sites that choose to publish what will be my very own informative Cyber Security articles.

I plan to call this series of proactive articles The Cyber Security Chronicles (Current State of Cyber Security). They will relate to the IT industry mainly in the United States. This will just be an introduction of the concepts and content that I plan to unleash throughout the CS Chronicles.

I have recently decided to dedicate myself to stay informed and involved in the rapidly expanding world of cyber security and through this process I discovered my security alter ego (The Cyber Eagle). This is why I have coined this introduction of the Cyber Security Chronicles ” Enter the Eagles Nest“. This brings me to one of my first thoughts about C Security, which is where I believe it should start. That would, of course, be in one’s mind, which will lead to their body and soul. These three things make up what I call my Nest. Now that you understand my plan, reason, and passion for the CS Chronicles, the rest of the introduction will preview some of the content that will be displayed throughout the Chronicles. Start by asking yourself a couple of questions. For instance, do you see any glaring obstacles that are crippling this very important industry that I believe is so vital to the future of our great country and corporations? Should we be outsourcing our jobs that handle U.S. citizens vital information, that is linked to one’s sacred online identity or what has been coined “user credentials”? Is this a safe security practice for the confidentiality of the customer’s information? Should we get in the growing habit of becoming so very independent or reliant on putting and linking everything we do online? Shouldn’t some things remain private and secure, which in today’s Cyber world is almost impossible if it is online? Therefore, maybe we should practice the art of making some things offline exclusively. I will answer all of these questions with my opinion and ideas for a proposed solution to these problems. I will also address the current laws in place to protect our country from cyber attacks, our countries view on hackers, the growing corporate IT monopoly problem, and much more, including ideas for future Cyber Security education and awareness programs to implement and shape the future generations of our great country. Stay tuned, for the very first Chronicle to be released in the very near future.

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  1. Cool! Keep on it

  2. Cyber Eagle I think what you are starting is a pretty cool thing! I’ll definitely stay tuned in. My advice would be to start with the soul! That’s where everything of ones make up begins, then it’s a mindset that established…. You already know the body follows the mind!

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