3 Tips for Working with Complex Passwords

December 11, 2015 | Views: 3826

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When creating strong passwords, it’s often recommended to make them 8 – 10 characters long with lower case, upper case and numeric values and sometimes special characters. This is really good, but when it comes to remembering these letter-number combinations, it can be like solving a complicated mathematical equation and remembering the answer.

Sometimes, we try to play it smart and use a password generator. These tools create nice, strong passwords. When you click the generate button, you get something like: ‘9hhk8-y55%.af.’ These kind of passwords are impossible to remember.

So, here are my 3 tips for working with complex passwords.


1. Create Using Your Own Logic

When you need a strong password that’s be easy to remember, why not use a little logic? The logic can be meaningful for you, but useless to others. For example, let’s use my name ‘usman’  as a password. After applying my own system, I convert it to ‘U$m@N’. With this simple, logic-based technique, the new password is really strong. This method is fairly easy and workable.


2. Store Using A Password Manager 

Password managers are software that securely store login information through encryption. But, a problem may be locating software that can be trusted for storing sensitive information.

I found a tool called KeePass, available here. It’s a free, open source, lightweight and easy-to-use password manager for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and Android mobile devices. KeePass puts all your passwords in a highly encrypted database and locks them with one master key or a key file. This makes it effective for storing sensitive information. Check it out!

There are many other password managers on the market as well. Read reviews, talk to trusted friends and make the best choice for your needs and budget.


3. Store Using an Tried and True Method

If you don’t want to use the methods above, just grab a piece of paper and write all your passwords on it. Then, hide the paper in a secure place.

Some of you might be questioning my sanity at this moment, but trust me: ‘Old Is Gold.’ If you hide the paper properly, no one can locate it. When you need to check a login for a specific site, refer to the paper.



There are several methods to creating and storing passwords; everyone has their own. I’ve shared my opinions and hope they’ve been helpful. For support, suggestions or questions, email me at ‘usmanaura47@gmail.com’


Written By Malik Usman Aura

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  1. Let me say a best method to remember, at the same time create a strong password.Let the user’s name be Jaison Smith,and he wants to create an account at gmail.Simply make a passphrase a combination of alpha numeric keys like SmitHJaison@Gmail753#,now the best part is if the same person wanted a password for cybrary,just change the Gmail and put Cybrary,so he can make as many passwords and remembers whenever he tries a login!Also the combination is too secured due to alphanumeric combinations!

  2. I have a trick to put very strong password and even you can remember that easily..

    Think a long sentence you often use or related to any part of your life and pick first character of every word and put digit and special character where you can… following is the little example you can choose longer sentence which is very close to you.

    A quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

    @qbfj0tld. @=A, q=quick, b=brown, f=fox, j=jumps, 0=over, t=the, l=lazy, d=dog, .=.

    I have bundle of passwords and every account has diff password and strong one but i have them all in my mind.

  3. Interesting but how do I get access to anything if I don’t know the password

  4. Length is the easiest way to increase password entropy. So, rather than make complex passwords that you can’t easily remember, consider making longer ones that are harder for computers to guess. Pick three or four random words and string them together into a passphrase that you can more easily recall. For example if you ex-girlfriend drove a forest green Mustang, loved to eat at PeiWei, was named Amy and lied when she said that she loved you, make a passphrase like: forestPeiWeiAmystrumpet. It is memorable and hard to guess.

  5. many of my friends fear to use password manager hence i want to write a small password storage program for them which languages can i use to make password manager ?

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