StoneDrill Malware

March 21, 2017 | Views: 4995

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In 2012, a  mysterious disk wiper malware Shamoon was used to wipe data from 35,000 computers at Saudi Arabia’s national oil company. In late 2016 it came in a new and more destructive form of Shamoon 2.0.

Now, cyber attacks are very common. According to recent news, researchers of Kaspersky lab found a new malware targeting European Industries, that was built in a similar manner as Shamoon 2.0 and is very extensive from Shamoon 2.0. They named it StoneDrill.

“The discovery of the StoneDrill wiper in Europe is a significant sign that the group is expanding its destructive attacks outside the Middle East,” Kaspersky researchers say in a blog post. “The target for the attack appears to be a large corporation with a wide area of activity in the petrochemical sector, with no apparent connection or interest in Saudi Arabia” (

Propagation of the malware is unknown yet. But when it is installed onto the victim’s machine, it targets all the systems connected with the organization to a windows domain. Once infected it automatically generates a wiper malware module, written in any language like python or script like VBScript without connecting to any command and control server. It features advanced anti-detection techniques and espionage tools in its arsenal.

For more information about StoneDrill, continue reading here.

If you are not familiar with this news, please view the video below:

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