How To Start Your Cyber Security Career

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Hello readers,

I’m w3b~r47 and I’m a hacker. In this short article, I’ll show you how you can start your cyber security/hacking career.

You can basically copy this into a text editor and work towards it. Hopefully, you’ll become a successful hacker.


  • “If you want to be a hacker, you’ve got to keep up with this things.”
  • “Hacking is absolutely different from what you watch on TV, etc. Just live just typing and typing and then, booom you’re in! Nooo!! It’s not like that.”

It takes lot of creativity, especially in web applications. So, you have to be patient. And, don’t even think of making money in the beginning, because if you are, I’m going to have to tell you you’re wasting your time.

It’s a career, like something you do for at least 10 years to be a professional. I’m not saying during this time you won’t make money, but don’t let that be on your mind at first 🙂

Not everything thing you learn in a video or book will be exactly true all the time, but it will be in most cases.


Let’s begin…

rule no:1

** be up to date

++twitter  “create an account and follow security people.”

++linkedin  “create an account and follow security people.”

It’s important, as a hacker, to be up to date. We can know when new things are out there, like “0 day vulnerabilities” (new vulnerabilities) and what new technologies others are developing .


rule no:2
** build your lab
++install vulnerable applications
++use VMware

** build your lab

It’s highly recommended that you build you lab. You don’t have to buy multiple systems now. There are lots of VM’s out there and I have a tutorial about this on my blog But, I’ve used Kali on my host machine “for a long time.”


** Assumption
** learn networking

** learn linux

** learn python

Now, before you start thinking of hacking anything or what certification you should get, you’re expected to know at least basics of networking, Linux and a little programming. You want to hack a network and you don’t know how it works – sorry you can’t. Or, you want to hack a website and you’re scared of source codes 🙁  It just doesn’t work that way…


** free training resources


** basic certifications

**dod 8570
++choose baseline certifications, e.g ceh, etc


*******************life of a pentester************************************

** lots of failure

**you have to think creatively

** lots of research

** thinking like a attacker

** scripting

** tools

++metasploit  framework
++burpsuite              “bread and butter”
++nmap                     ” hackers network mapper tools and vulns scanner”
++masscan                 “faster network mapper”
++recon-ng                “information gathering”
++linux/windows      “of course ”
++nessus                    “vulnerability assessment ”
++acunetix                 “web app vulnerability assessment ”
++webinspect            “Web Inspector allows you to view the page source, live DOM hierarchy, script debugging, profiling…”
++mimikatz                “It’s now well known how to extract plaintexts passwords”
++python                   “for writing our personal scripts”
++and many more in kali


Conclusion: So, guys, I spent more than 4 hrs writing this article and I don’t  know what I’ll get from it. But, I hope it’s not a wasted time. I hope you actually learn something. If you have have any questions, you can contact me on facebook @   <<page

I apologize for any mistakes. Thanks and bye.

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  1. I guess you never started your blog? Your link is dead

  2. Awesome article!

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