SSMA – Simple Static Malware Analyzer

December 3, 2016 | Views: 5585

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SSMA is a simple malware analyzer written in Python 3.


  • Searches for websites, e-mail addresses, IP addresses in the strings of the file.

  • Looks for Windows functions commonly used by malware.

  • Get results from VirusTotal and/or upload files.

  • Malware detection based on Yara-rules –

  • Detect well-known software packers.

  • Detect the existence of cryptographic algorithms.

  • Detect anti-debug and anti-virtualization techniques used by malware to evade automated analysis.

  • Find if documents have been crafted to leverage malicious code.


git clone


sudo pip3 install -r requirements.txt

python3 -h

You can just statically scan the file or upload to VirustTotal using your API-KEY.


python3 file.exe
python3 -k api-key file.exe




Scan documents (i.e. MS Office Word):


python3 -d doc.docx

To get ssdeep hashes use requirements_with_ssdeep.txt

Python 3

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  1. I’m getting “http.client.IncompleteRead” in “, line 18, in ransomware_and_malware_domain_check”.

    So I put a try,catch and a loop to make retries. After few tries, it worked.

  2. For Windows there is Sysinternals, but for Linux users this fills a hole. Some users may prefer Python 2.5, but can’t please everyone. I’ll look into the code for this.


  3. That is an extremely helpful program and article.
    I had to tip 5 Cybytes for this. There isn’t much out here on Malware Analysis.
    Thank you for the great information. I am going to dig in more shortly.
    Great work and I cannot wait to see more from you

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