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There is two type of encryption symmetric key cryptography and public key cryptography.

In the symmetric key cryptography, the same key is used to get the cypher text and the same key is used to revert it back

in the public key cryptography, we have two keys one is public other is the private key.Something which is encrypted by the public key is only can be revert back to the private key of the same person.

Since the public key cryptography is slow and safer and the symmetric key cryptography is fast but not safer.


So if we want to connect to a network using SSL

step1:- the client will send the SSL hello and the server will send its public key.

step2:-client will send its key for encryption that is symmetric key using encryption by a public key of the server this can only be decoded by the private key of the server.

step3:-Now the connection is made

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  1. There are two types of encryption: Symmetric and Asymmetric.

    In symmetric encryption, the same key is used to decrypt and encrypt the message. WiFi encryption uses symmetric keys.

    Public key cryptography, or asymmetric cryptography uses different keys to encrypt and decrypt the message.
    In asymmetric:
    1. The server use the user’s public key to encrypt a message, and send the message back to the user.
    2. The user will use their private key to decrypt the message, and then send it back to the server.
    3. Server will verify the message, and accept the connection if the message is correct.

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