SQL Injection Lab Part 3 – Extracting/Obtaining PHP Cookie

September 13, 2016 | Views: 6181

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Section 9: Obtain PHP Cookie

1. SQL Injection Menu

  • Instructions:
    1. Select “SQL Injection” from the left navigation menu.


2. Select Tamper Data

  • Instructions:
    1. Tools –> Tamper Data


3. Start Tamper Data

  • Instructions:
    1. Click on Start Tamper

4. Basic Injection

  • Instructions:
    1. Input “1” into the text box.
    2. Click Submit.

    • Notes(FYI):
      • The goal here is see the GET request being made
        to the CGI program behind the scenes.
      • Also, we will use the “Surname” output with
        SQLMAP to obtain database username and password


5. Tamper with request?

  • Instructions:
    1. Make sure the Continue Tampering? textbox is
    2. Then Click Submit


6. Copying the Referer URL

  • Instructions:
    1. Select the second GET Request
    2. Right Click on the Referer Link
    3. Select Copy


7. Open Notepad

  • Instructions:
    1. Applications –> Wine –> Programs –>
    Accessories –> Notepad


8. Paste Referer URL into Notepad

  • Instructions:
    1. Edit –> Paste


9. Copying the Cookie Information

  • Instructions:
    1. Right Click on the Cookie line
    2. Select Copy


10. Pasting the Cookie Information

  • Instructions:
    1. Edit –> Paste

    • Notes(FYI):
      • Now you should have copied both the Referer and
        Cookie lines into Notepad. (See Picture)


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  1. well it quiet ok

  2. Is this supposed to be a suppliment to an actual course?

    All three of these are literally step by step instructions on how to perform the labs, however I do not see any instructional material with an explanation of objectives.

    The only pre-requisite I found was that of being able to set up a VM.

  3. Whats the point of just learning how to “get” the cookies. We want to understand how it actually works…thats whats useful at the end of the day.

  4. why use proxy just for that? cant u get that from the Toggle Inspector or network monitor in the browser?

  5. Good but you need more informations toput into this article

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