SQL Injection Lab Part 2 – DVWA Login + Low Security Level Submit

September 9, 2016 | Views: 7942

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Welcome back Cybrarians ! …in SQL injection lab PT.2
Let’s start part 2.

Open Console Terminal and Retrieve IP Address

1. Open a console terminal

  • Instructions:
    Click on the console terminal


2. Get IP Address

  • Instructions:
    1. ifconfig -a
  • Notes(FYI):
    •  As indicated below, my IP address is
    • Please record your IP address.


Section 7: Login to DVWA

  1. Start Firefox
  • Instructions:
    • Click/open Firefox browser.
    • Login to DVWA
      • Note(FYI): Replace with Fedora’s IP address obtained in (Section 3, Step 3).
  •  Instructions:
    • Start up Firefox on BackTrack
      • Place in the address bar.
      • Login: admin
      • Password: password
      • Click on Login


Section 8: Set Security Level

  1. Set DVWA Security Level
  • Instructions:
    • 1. Click on DVWA Security, in the left hand menu.
    • 2. Select “low”
    • 3. Click Submit


….Ok Cybrarians, we’ll continue this in next part.  

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1 Comment
  1. These step by step instructions are nice, but they would be greatly improved if some explanation of purpose or objective for each step was identified.

    For example:

    Step 8:

    In this step we will be reducing the level of difficulty in performing attacks against the web application by setting the security level to low. This will allow us to understand the fundamentals of SQL injection without having to perform complex injection techniques.

    Or some such statement like that.

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