Social Engineering A Facebook Account Using Kali Linux

September 12, 2016 | Views: 87640

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Nowadays, Facebook “hacking” is not easy. But, I am here to help you by teaching some methods of Facebook hacking. Today, I’m going to teach you how to hack a Facebook account using Kali Linux. I will teach you some more easy methods of “hacking” Facebook accounts later.

Steps To “Hacking” a Facebook Account

#1. Install Kali Linux From Official Site After Installation, Open your Kali Linux terminal and type : 
cd /pentest/exploits/set 

#2. Now Type On Opened Terminal And type: ./set to open “Social Engineering Tool kit“.

#3. After SET Opening Select 1st Option 

  • 1) Social Engineering Attacks
    Type “1” and Hit Enter.

#4. Now Select Option 2 

  • 2) Website Attack Vectors

#5. Now just Select 4th Option 

  • 4 Tabnabbing Attack Method

#6. Now Select Option 2 

  • 2) Site Cloner

#7. Now Here you Need to Add your IP,

#8. Now Here you need to add the URL of  FB

Note: if you want to hack Facebook then put here Facebook URL.



#9. Just Hit Enter

#10. Paste Your IP in Address bar and Page  should be look like this..


When Victim Log in to your Page Details will come here.. 


**If you want to Know your IP Open new Terminal and type: ifconfig



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  1. cool tips, thanks!

  2. how can i do it out of network ??
    any hint plzzz !!

  3. This post leaves a little to the imagination. The more accurate description of this should be the first part of a phishing attack to obtain facebook login credentials. The details are great but the real catch here is that you have to have the hosted IP address for the POST back be available to the target, assuming you are hacking an external target. This would require a public facing IP and subsequent webserver.
    However, if you are trying to get the login info for someone in your house or on the same network (say a coffee shop), then this post has most of the work done for you, the only thing you really need to do is compose a message to the target with a click bait title. Something like “She ate an entire pizza but you won’t believe what happens next” and hyperlink the text to your IP. Most people won’t realize the address doesn’t say but they will recognize the layout, which you have spoofed.
    That’s how you pull it off if you are on the same network. Of course the more elaborate you make the email and the more convincing it is, you’ll have a higher success rate. All in all this is a quick trick to get the login of someone on the same network but this is far from getting you into their actual Facebook, which is not something that should be encouraged here. Facebook has many other tactics to prevent hacking accounts, you can’t always get in with just a password, cookies are often required to identify the browser or session.

    If you were looking to complete this, hypothetically, you would first need a public facing web server, a well constructed phishing email and list of targets, this article, and understanding how to spoof the IP/physical location of your target. This article gives you like 5% of the puzzle to really pulling this off but if you don’t actually care about getting into the Facebook account the credentials you grab are likely the same for other accounts that are easier to get into.

  4. this method doesn’t work properly its just scraping the facebook page and running it on your system – if you want to go further you can buy a domain with somewhat likehood name of facebook ,so when someone mistypes the facebook url to your one , they will be directed to you . still this is waste of time … :/

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