Pythonista 3 iOS Hacking

December 2, 2016 | Views: 9879

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Many iOS users would agree that Apple products are very restricting and limit the max functionality of the device itself. There are only a few ways to unleash the potential iOS devices have when it comes to hacking. Some people resort to Jailbreak which can make the device vulnerable to attacks. But for all the programmers out there, there is one extremely good solution. Pythonista 3

Pythonista 3 is a full python IDE for iOS on the AppStore, made by OMZ Software © 2016. Pythonista 3 provides functionality to the device as a whole, that I didn’t even know was possible. The app can allow the user to almost everything python can do! Scripts can be run that allows your iOS to host webservers on LAN and run your own HTML, SSH, CSS, or PHP application using python coding. Pythonista also allows pull, push, and get requests from web servers; which opens the door for Brute Force scripts and Denial of Service to be run from your mobile device!

Pythonista 3 is making iOS more like a computer without needing Jailbreak. Anyone who knows how to program in python will have a field day with this. Programs like Pipista can be downloaded from GitHub which can even allow the user to import new modules to the app, so iOS’s abilities are more accessible now than they ever were.

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  1. Took a chance and brought this and well, it’s surprisingly good!

  2. Thanks, i was wondering how much would it cost

  3. you still need to pay for it! that’s make android devices (specially open source devices better for Hackers to use.. there’s unlimited functions upon on what you want to do).
    unfortunately, I’m Apple fanboy but i start to get rid of that to open source devices.
    i want to buy Google Pixel (new device made by Google) but it’s closed source.. and i Googled if i could run it with linux instead of Android like (nexus).. but i didn’t get any useful articles or anything about that!

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