Why (Many) Programmers Prefer Linux Over Windows

June 29, 2016 | Views: 22496

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Hello Everyone – Today’s topic is why programmers prefer Linux over Windows. I think almost everybody knows about Linux and Windows. If not, let me tell you.

Linux is an open-source operating system. It’s a UNIX-like system with codes that are open to customization, allowing you to change the operating system according to people’s need.

Linux did not have a user-friendly environment, but it’s growing and giving Microsoft a tough time in the desktop war.

Windows is also an operating system with a user-friendly interface that uses a GUI (Graphic User Interface). It’s the most popular and heavily used operating system in the world


The Preferences of Linux Over Windows

  1. Linux comes with most of the compilers or interpreters, so you don’t have to download them yourself. Windows does not have any compilers pre-installed.
  2. If Linux doesn’t have what you need, don’t worry. You can get what you need from the command line. Enter a command and it will automatically download the package and install it. Wow, that’s a cool thing that saves many efforts!:

apt-get install <package name>

yum install <package name>

  1. Linux contains the best suite of low-level tools like sed, grep, awk piping etc. It’s a programmers playground and it’s also great for the people who want to create command line tools.
  2. Programmers love Linux because of its versatility, power, security and speed.
  3. Linux has a big community that helps and welcomes all newcomers.
  4. It has a built-in package manager.

There are many flavors of Linux, so you can decide how you like your Desktop. You won’t have the same old windows with the same ideas.

Just for fun…Oh shish! An error message popup!
-On Windows- Uh, ok :/
-On Mac- Perhaps if I could upgrade to the newest version, this wouldn’t happen
-On Linux- Let’s see if someone has already solved the issue. Oh cool, there’s a hack! (copied from a Quora answer…)


More Reasons to Love Linux

Another reason why I love Linux and programmers love Linux is that it’s open source. You have control over everything (and I do mean everything). The codes are open – everything is open. You have the power to change things.

Additionally, there are so many things that a programmer can learn from Linux. When I started learning Python, I came across some scripts and I learned many things from them. Before that, I always thought I know how to use Python. But, after that, I learned more and how it really worked.

It’s also robust. Linux can run an entire year without any restarts or without crashing once. (Linux doesn’t crash very often.)


Linux Also Has Bash

Did I mention there are tools that help you replace a work or a character etc. and help you find the particular text? That’s very useful when you’re programming tools (sed, awk, grep). There are also a lot of open source tools that integrate with Linux to help you with your programming.



Well, now it’s up to you to choose wisely, young grasshopper. If you’re new to Linux, I’m sure you’ll learn more than in Windows (in my experience). Keep learning, keep moving forward, keep calm and love Linux.

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  1. This just simply isn’t true. Windows is THE prevalent desktop OS in the world and also makes up a huge proportion of the server OS global estate. Having worked in several Fortune 500 companies, I can tell you that the vast majority of programmers use Windows. This is an article on why you prefer Linux.

    • It may be the prevalent desktop but not for servers. Linux still has the numbers for that. Programmers use what they have to. That does not mean that’s what they really want to use.
      It’s a tool nothing more and they use what they are told to or what they can get by with.

    • I think you misunderstood it completely. This article is not complete because there are so many other reasons of having linux also.But you may be correct from your own point of view, but I don’t know if Windows was used to be used in a company where a lots of coding stuff is required.The biggest problem of Windows is there is that we don’t have any power on our hands and I don’t know if Windows community is as cheerful as a Linux one.No hard feelings, But yeah I love LINUX..:)

  2. So what about programmers that use C# and .NET?

  3. Great article-thanks!

  4. help mei tried installing but not installing

  5. Thanks all you who answered my question and supported u great my friends. I will decide Ubuntu or Arch to use. I searched and discovered there is new release of Ubuntu. Is hard to install a Arch? thanks.

    • That’s great start with Ubuntu or mint. Yes Arch is hard to install, you have to install Arch but it has nothing no WiFi no softwares no browser you have to do it all by yourself. Start by Ubuntu learn all you can than move on to more advanced good luck , and don’t be afraid to ask for help

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