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There are countless online tools to help you learn and practice ethical hacking techniques and processes.

*Disclaimer: Please be aware that neither I nor Cybrary has control of the following links or content on those web pages. Please always understand the risks involved with links navigating off of secure sites like Cybrary.

Virus Scanners:

  • VirusTotal file and URL scanner with more engine:
  • Metadefender file and URL scanner with more engine:
  • HowToRemove.Guide file scanner with 3 engine:
  • PayloadSecurity file and URL scanner in sandbox:
  • Check Point file scanner in sandbox (registration required):
  • File ransomware scanner:
  • JOESandbox file and URL scanner in sandbox (registration required):

Antivirus testers:

Eicar virus sample:

General scanners:

  • MxToolbox DNS, port scanner, blacklist, traceroute tools:
  • DNS, port scanner, traceroute, IP calculator tools:
  • DNS, reverse MX, port scanner, blacklist, traceroute tools:
  • W3dt DNS, port scanner, blacklist, traceroute tools:
  • OnlineDomainTools DNS, port scanner, blacklist, traceroute tools:
  • T1 Shopper DNS, port scanner, traceroute tools:
  • IPVOID DNS, blacklist, traceroute tools:

Vulnerability scanners:

  • Security Audit Systems host and web server vulnerability scanner (registration required):
  • Pentest-Tools portscanner, host and web server vulnerability scanner (registration required):
  • Qualys host and web server vulnerability scanner (registration required):
  • portscanner and web server vulnerability scanner:
  • Hacker Target portscanner, host, service and web server vulnerability scanner (registration required):

DNS testers:

  • ICANN WHOIS general DNS information:
  • Google MX, DKIM, DMARC tester:
  • Geektools dig:
  • DigWebInterface dig:
  • DNSdumpster DNS mapper:
  • open resolver tester:
  • DNS expertise open resolver tester:

IP calculators:

Jodies IP calculator:

Regex testers:

Regexpal regex tester:

Weblap testers:

Netcraft web lap tester:

Hash calculators:

ISC MD5 reverse hash calculator:

SPAM testers:

  • SORBS blacklist and open relay tester:
  • MailRadar open relay tester:
  • Antispam-UFRJ open relay tester:
  • blacklist tester:

E-mail verifiers:

  • Free Email Verifier e-mail verifier:
  • e-mail verifier:

E-mail TLS testers:

TLS e-mail TLS tester:


Shodan banner and metadata searcher:

IP analyzers:

  • IP Tracker IP analyzer:
  • WhatIsMyIPAddress owner IP and blacklist analyzer:
  • WhatIsMyIP owner IP analyzer:
  • DNS leak test owner IP analyzer with DNS leak tester:

IP reputation testers:

Cyren IP reputation tester:

IP range databases: IP range database:

Vulnerability databases:

  • Security Space OpenVAS compatible vulnerability database:
  • NIST NVD vulnerability database:

ID abuse databases:

Pwned e-mail and username abuse database:

MAC-address databases:

MAC-address manufacturer database:

Threat databases:

OTX threat database (registration required):

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