Non-Certified Unethical Hacker – Challenge 2

January 26, 2017 | Views: 6172

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What is a Non-Certified Unethical Hacker?

I was chatting with my friend who has done CEH, ECSA, CHFI, and others. He told me that certifications are important. I have not done any certifications but I have learned so much from websites like Cybrary, YouTube, etc. So, he challenged me to complete some challenges (This challenge comes in some high-profile certifications that I am not going to name.) So, I accepted his challenge. He enrolled for a certification and gave his account to me and told me to complete the challenges.  I will take you through the challenges and explain to you what is going on. I hope I will be able to complete 1 challenge per day and prove him wrong, and prove that knowledge is more important than “paper certifications”.

About Challenge 2:

In this challenge, I am going to use NMAP because most of you guys commented that NMAP is more useful and i should use that. we are going to find operating systems , open ports and services running , etc on the system. In further challenges , we are also going to learn Metasploit and other things.  I have tutorials on how to create your own hacking tools using python.

Here’s Challenge 1 if you missed it.


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  1. While it is true that it is possible to learn without the paper certification the entire point of good certification programs is to ensure that learning occurs. Good certifications carry more weight than empty programs because of this. The reason companies and governments are so hung up on certifications is because of liability. The paper certs provide a legal means for tracking a person’s training and education which makes it easier for larger companies to hire them with less effort in the way of tests to prove capability. This is very common in many areas, not just cyber security. Good technologists are always learning however whether they choose to certify or not.

  2. knowlege is way powerful as compared to certification because when we learn something we have to explore its roots as well

  3. I have to agree that knowledge is above “papers”, but unfortunately the mentality of many Security “managers and VPs” is still focused on certification as a mean to show and prove that their team are qualified professionals.

  4. Good article but be mindful that the application of knowledge is important. A person who knows what he/she is doing AND has the certification will have a slight marketable advantage (all things remaining equal like years if experience etc).

  5. Good point of view, just a pitty in South Africa the CEH, ECSA, CHF course and exam is almost double my AD & Exchange Server Engineer monthly salary each , and with no job prospect after the certification as “Pen Testing” is a nice to have and not a necessity. IT security auditing is seen as a witch hunt process to fire the IT staff . Most IT managers in South Africa wont employ a person with this kind of knowledge as IT Security sucks in this country.

    • Do not despair. Cyber Security is about to take off in a big way here in SA. There is new regulation currently under review, well we hope it is, and should be passed soon. Very soon an IT Security professional will be a common team member in a lot of the bigger organisations, somewhere along the lines of it being an audit requirement

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