Linux Cheatsheet

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1.  System Information

  •  uptime = Show how long the system has been running.
  • hostname = Shows system host name.
  • hostname -I = Shows IP address of the host.
  • date = Show current date and time.
  • whoami = Who you are logged in as.
  • cal = Shows this months Calender.
  • w= Display who is online.

2.  File and Directory commands

  • ls =List all files in current directory.
  • pwd= Dispaly the present working directory
  • mkdir dirname= Make directory
  • rmdir dirname= Remove directory
  • rm =Remove fiile
  • cp file1 file2= Copy file1 to file2
  • mv file1 file2= Move file1 to file2
  • cat file=View the contents of file
  • head file=Displays first 10 lines of file
  • tail file=Displays last 10 lines of file

3. Networking

  • ifconfig= Displays IP address and all network interfaces
  • ping host=Sends ICMP ping requests to host
  • whois domain=Displays whois information of domain
  • dig domain=Displays DNS information of domain
  • wget the specified file
  • netstat -nutlp=Displays all listening UDP and TCP ports corresponding programs

*Note:All commands are Case sensitive

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