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Where do you start with this? At the moment, you may have far too many people sharing their own ideas about being a hacker. I’m not here to sugar coat it for you. I’m not going to tell you that you need to be “creative,” “adaptive,” or “persistant”. If you’re choosing to be an ethical hacker, then you should possess these qualities already. If you find yourself uninterested after you find out what hard work it is, it’s the wrong profession for you. And, this is a profession.

The state of affairs with current learning in Universities across the world have seen only a slight improvement in offering actual courses for Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking. This is disturbing since Cybercrime in the UK alone accounts for more than physical crime now. With the recent Brexit from Europe, there should be more investment in Cyber Security development and education.

This is where this small guide comes in. Using only your home computer and Cybrary, you can start your journey to becoming an Ethical Hacker.




Cybrary has courses that can guide you on your way to starting this profession. Let’s assume you know nothing about computers or how they work. Congrats, you get to start from the bottom. This isn’t meant to put you off. This is a chance for you to learn and build a solid foundation for your learning. For this, you need to be looking at the CompTIA A+ and Network+ courses.

I bet you’re looking at a Linux build, Kali Linux, right? Maybe BlackArch? Let’s get something straight: Kali and BlackArch are similar, but both have different commands built into them. You need to learn the basics or running a Linux system. Get on the Linux+ from CompTIA.

By this time, you’ll have a solid working knowledge of computer systems, networks and Linux. You can’t build a better foundation for your studies. Yes, it will be long. Yes, it will sometimes seem like a grind. But, if you don’t already possess the skills these courses will teach you, you’re going to be wondering what the lecturers are talking about when it comes to the more advanced stuff.



Taking the next step, you can begin the fun side of Ethical Hacking: building your own lab environment. I’m not going to teach you how to do that here; there are plenty of places that will. But, there will be some things that you’ll need:

  • A computer that allows virtualization
  • At least 6GB of RAM (For safely running a small virtualized network)
  • VMwarePlayer or VirtualBox
  • A Kali Linux VM

You’ll need to start with the basics – Web Application Penetration Testing. This course does exactly what it says, giving you instruction on how to use Kali to attack most companies largest surface area: their web app. It takes you through several ways to break the security of websites and better equip yourself for the future. You also get familiar with Kali Linux this way.

Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking takes you through the CEH v8 course with Cybrary. Inside is useful theory and technical advice along with several attack vectors, offering another useful way to learn more of what you need.

Metasploit should be a go-to for everyone. Cybrary has a complete course on this and once you download Metasploitable as a VM, you can use the program Metasploit that already comes with Kali Linux. It’s another stepping stone.



And, then on to more advanced things: courses like Advanced Penetration Testing and Post Exploitation Hacking take you through what to do once you gain access to a system. Remember, this can all be learned through your own computer at home. I setup a network of ten using two computers. You can do this, too.



Want to delve deeper? Or, perhaps you’ve found a specialization that you prefer? Good. Hackers aren’t masters of everything. Normally, they’re part of a team who all have different abilities. Some are good at Malware Analysis, some are good at Forensics, some at Social Engineering. Finding your niche is the best way to progress in Cyber Security, you can’t be an expert at everything. Be the best you can be in your field.

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  1. nice article

  2. Very helpful. Many thanks

  3. Wow, I’m blown off by all the points made, I think I’m on the right corner. I want to be a computer technician and also know a bit on security issues and hacking, please tell me that this is th place to begin? Thank you all.

  4. ist funny the other day i was talking with a friend, and i told him about cybrary and that you can get a certificate of completion as you complete your training here.

    He told me that it was bullshit, and that i was worthless, that pissed me off, i did the advanced hacking certificate and the penetration testing one that i think the people that did does videos had put alot of effort and hours of work to provide at least some insight and knowlege to others.

    I argumented, and argumented, but still he did not care, 15 minutes latter i hacked his facebook, his email accounts his android phone and his home computers and all that with the knowlege i got from cybrary….THAT WAS WEN HE LOST HIS JAWS……..of course i did that with his permission lol.

    So yeah a cybrary certificate costs you either 25 points or 5 bucks, but that doesnt mean you learn nothing or that it has no value. IT DOES AND I AM PROUD OF WHAT I LEARNED HERE.

    Keep up the good work with your arcticles bro, and cheers heres some cybytes for you.

    • Now that is “Proof of Concept”

      • Yep :), i can not pretend to be a hacker or am one, just a noob, but a noob that now haves a little more skills 🙂 and this courses are really good insight and they DO HAVE value.

        I had a pretty good idea on how some stuff was donne but never really had put much tought into trying it out.

        Some of this courses blew my mind and they were pretty fun to follow and i do suggest that ppl having a go at them really try every example, its good practice and it does make you progress.

        Part of the “advanced penetration testing” course by instructor “Georgia” blew my mind away at times, specially wen you reach exploit development, still trying to digest all that one hehehhe.

        In the end all i mean is that people put good effort to provide this for free so they have they’re merit if you learn from it and share in turn.

        To hack that guy i used SET for the payloads and for the site cloning (facebook and his online webmail) also used arpo poisoning with html injection ( so it injects a webpage in every page he opened in his navigator despite i had not yeat had control) i also used a technique to launch a hailmary like atack to his navigators to try all the payloads i prepared even this was a bit harsh and probably detected by netscans it worked i got an apk into his phones, i got his windows machines with xp win 7 and win 10 infected with a reverce tcp meterpreter shell…..
        i powned him on his living room 🙂 his just lost his jaws.

        sorry for my bad english, its not my mother language.

        • darn keyboard…
          Here is a list of the tools i used

          SET : was used to clone the websites and for some default payloads”
          msfvenom: to generate reveverse shell apk app for android”
          nmap: was used for scanning”
          Ghost Phisher for some evil stuff (check this tool its handy)
          mitmf.py : used to do arp poisoin and inject hml file into every webpage he vised

          5 tools to pawn him.

          • hehehe forgot one 🙂 Meterpreter 🙂

          • Hi Azorian,

            Man , i just loved the way you shut him up at least now he will know not to laugh at people who are spending countless hours of putting up great videos here at cybrary.it. I too plan to go into this training…so if you dont mind me ask you what courses did you begin with since I too want to pursue into this field? Thanks

    • I love y’all and I’m Now a beginner
      a friend of my showed me this link and I decided to learn here since I’ve got no money to go to collage ..I can generate a lil knowledge here .

    • Well done. Sometimes, actions are the only way to change someones opinion. Glad you got permission from him before doing this, it’s important not to get yourself in trouble.

    • Hello my freind am excited to ear you for your succes but i would rather to get it too so i can’t myserlf please if you can help me that my mail darenlubange@gmail.com but don’t hack it please .thanks

  5. Nice article! Keep ’em coming!

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