How To Become A Cybersecurity Analyst

January 30, 2019 | Views: 4558

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Of what worth would your company’s data be left if it is too malicious to even be accessed? What good would your personal email IDs do if a stranger could intercept and steal your confidential information? Securing the information is as important as creating it in the first place. Moreover, having a whole team to secure your company’s data flowing in your internal network is worth spending moolah.

The bright side is that the organizations have now realized the crucial need of maintaining the information security at its best. So, this is the time to go ahead and get indulged in the field of Cyber Security, especially cybersecurity analyst, to offer and to grab your share of the technology, as one should make hay while the sun shines.

In a broader view, Cybersecurity Analysts are the IT professionals who maintain the security, confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the network by installing safeguards in it. Their aim is to secure the confidential information and proprietary data of the organization from the cyber-criminals. The organizations need to stay ahead of the hackers and Cybersecurity Analysts do this job for them. Now, the question is how to go about it?

On your way to becoming a Cybersecurity Analyst

You would have to start with acquiring a bachelor’s degree in the field of Computer Science, IT, Cyber Security, or any other computer-related course. The next step should be to attain certain valuable cyber security certifications offered to us by many IT vendors. One of the most recognized ones is EC-Council, providing multi-level information security certifications. Although, if attending classes and being social is not your thing, and you want to attain the position without having to work for a degree, then you could seek out for certain online courses and certifications and start your career as an entry-level IT employee. One must keep in mind that many employers put graduation in IT sector as a constraint in the job description.

Some of the important information security certifications are:

    ECSA /LPT Certification (as next level recognition)
    CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional): Senior-level certification.

Many employers prefer the candidates with some level of experience in the field of IT, working like a network, systems, or database administrator. In this socio-interactive world, knowledge doesn’t bear enough fruit if you do not possess some must-have interpersonal skills, being:

  • Strong analytical skills and logical abilities
  • Sound decision-making ability and general business expertise
  • Experience with multiple operating systems and programming languages
  • Strong aptitude and independent problem-solving skills
  • So, the career path for the Cybersecurity Analyst is laid out as follows:

    Earn a bachelor’s degree in the field of computer science, IT, or any other cybersecurity field/ Earn equivalent experience through cyber-security certifications.
    Begin with entry-level jobs in the profiles, like- Network/ Security/ Systems Administrator. Get promoted to the role of Cybersecurity Analyst. This job profile is not limited to the corporate sector, Cybersecurity Analysts are an important part of the government organizations and the military agencies too. Security is the utmost priority in these sectors and hence the analysts need to be highly qualified.

    With apt experience and extensive knowledge of the network systems and cybersecurity, plus certain valuable certifications in this field, one could be qualified enough to gain success as a Cybersecurity Analyst in the IT industry.

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