How Hardware Knowledge Aids in Security & Hacking

January 9, 2017 | Views: 7068

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How does knowledge of computer hardware help us in security and/or hacking?

Well, this is a very popular question people ask on Quora. First, I want to share a piece of advice: be patient and persevere. Learning ethical hacking is going to take more than one day or one month, it takes year – or longer – filled with hours and hours of practice.

To answer this big question, I’ll need to explain.

See, most of the people now a days, in India, want to learn “hacking” but they don’t know where they should start. People think that “hacking” means to hack any website within minutes. This concept comes from watching movies, so they do not even know the original basic concept of what it means to hack or how to actually do it.  All people want to do is hack specific websites for personal gain (revenge on a cheating girlfriend or boyfriend no doubt), or servers, or apps like WhatsApp or Facebook. The truth is, main hacking starts from hardware.

Finally, the good part – Well, to learn how to hack, you should have patience. Suppose you want to hack a nuclear power plant or any machine that is controlled by a computer or any LOT. First, we need to know about the machine or how it works. Last, we have to get the access of the computer that controls the machine. Now, the machine has a very good software security system; however, they [hackers] don’t care about the hardware security, so you can play with their hardware if you can access it. If you don’t know about hardware, then how will you know how the motherboard works, how USBs transfer data, or how CMOS or BIOS work together? Or, how lasted technology of the bios is UEIFI with GPT partition? How can we plug up the antenna from the computer, how we can plug up the CMOS from the computer? If you can pull out the CMOS of any of the computers then forget all the computer component seeting.

Conclusion: Hacking is more than “hacking” [aka breaking into] a website, server, network, os, or account. It’s a broad area that covers multiple aspects and takes time to “master”. Key takeaways: be patient, stay focused, keep learning beyond what you hear about/see on television, and do your research to really understand something.

Thanks, everyone! Let me know what you think about the post in the comments.

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  1. Realistic Approach !

  2. Thi is Wonderful, and it is absolutely true. We will have to do more and more researching and learning. Thanks for the POST is greater.

  3. Awesome Piece, nice one

  4. This article is awesome. It really takes great effort on one’s part to hack. I have learned so much that even the movies do not tell us about hacking. They only hack.

  5. This is a great post, a thing great to know. I’m glad you explained this before I started to actually learn anything and have to modify what I learned after putting forth X amount of effort.

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