What Are Hackers and How Can You Become One?

July 8, 2016 | Views: 23457

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Hey everybody – This article is all about Hackers: who they are and to become one. Let’s start from the beginning. Hacker is a term that began to be used in 1960. Hackers were people who hacked computer code. Later, hackers came to be known as individuals who had advanced knowledge on computers, networks etc.

According to Wikipedia, “a hacker is someone who seeks and exploits weaknesses in a computer system or computer network. Hackers may be motivated by a multitude of reasons, such as profit, protest, challenge, enjoyment, or to evaluate those weaknesses to assist in removing them.”

In gaming, hackers are the ones who cheat.

Fundamentally, there are three types of Hacker “Hats,” which we’ll discuss later:

1. Black Hat

2. White Hat

3. Grey Hat


Everyone Has Their Own Opinion and Here’s Mine:

When I first got interested in the great world of computers and networks, I too, thought that Hackers took advantage of a weakness and steal sensitive information. But, as I began to learn and grew and my knowledge increased, I realized Hackers are problem solvers and are completely different from the average person. They’re super curious, they don’t really care about their social life or money or anything, they have a different perspective of the world and seem more positive than the average person. They think out of the box. They really have the ability to change the world  – it’s just that they don’t care what’s happening if they have their computer with internet, they’re happy. Unless someone challenges them to do something, like Anonymous, they’re harmless. If they take on the challenge, wait and watch what happens.

You might be thinking: “What do you mean by problem solving?” I mean if they have a 5-hour task, they’d likely automate their task, sit back and enjoy their cup of coffee. That’s real hacking in my opinion.

Not everyone likes to “get into a computer” Does this mean they can’t be Hackers?

I’m sure you have asked yourself this question, “How can I call myself a Hacker if I never hacked anything?” You can hack your work by creating some scripts or anything. In my early days, when I was sending resume for a job, I searched the website for the email address and sent my resume to that email. It was very time consuming, so I wrote a script that scrapped the email from the website and and sent my resume to that email. That is hacking, in my opinion.


How Can One Become A Hacker:

Well, you must have problem solving skills. Learn about computers and how they operate. Learn about networks and learn a programming language. But, the main point is that you use the right solution at the right time.

It’s Time for the hats 🙂

1. Black Hat:

Black Hat Hackers or Crackers are simply terrorists who steal sensitive information from a server, or the Hacker shares the information publicly, or sells the data. They discover or create loopholes or vulnerabilities in software, etc. They’re considered the bad guys

2. White Hat:

Where there are bad guys, there are also good guys to help the people hide their precious information. A White Hat Hacker is as skilled as a Black Hat, but they use their skills for good. They find vulnerabilities or loopholes and immediately report them to the admin.

3. Grey Hat:

Grey Hat Hackers are the combination of both Black Hat Hackers and White Hat Hackers. They sell the information of loopholes or vulnerabilities – not to the terrorists, but to the government. The governments then use those loopholes or vulns to hack into the systems of adversaries or criminal suspects.



Everything in this article is my opinion. You should have your own opinion. I just wanted to let people know that a Hacker is not just exploiting computers, but they are also problems solvers.

I hope you all enjoyed this article 🙂


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  1. Absolutely One Great Article

  2. This article is ok but I would have to say that true hacking is not just problem solving and really is more making a system do something it was not programmed to do and thus this opens up new possibilities.

    If people here want to learn more go pay for a course like the CEH by EC-Council. Don’t brain dump it, lab it out and learn to do attack and manipulate lab machines and get hands on learning.

  3. @mrNayani There are some fatal flaws in your argument. This article should be deleted, as you are spreading misinformation. This “article” is nothing more than flawed opinion.

    – Your definition of grey hat hacker is completely absurd. According to you grey hat hackers are hackers that sell information to the government, so that they government can in turn use it against criminals and enemies. What are you smoking? Grey hat hackers are those that operate between the realms of black and white hat hacking. They are motivated by curiosity and a sense of accomplishment that is achieved by hacking into a system. We do it for the challenge, not for monetary or malicious reasons even though we are doing things that are sometimes less than legal.

    Furthermore, this:
    ” You might be thinking: “What do you mean by problem solving?” I mean if they have a 5-hour task, they’d likely automate their task, sit back and enjoy their cup of coffee. That’s real hacking in my opinion. ”

    – Real hacking is not automating a 5-hour task. You are somewhat correct in that hackers are problem solvers, but you miss the whole point. Hacking is manipulating a system in order to make it do something that it was not programmed to do. The term “hacking” originally meant to “hack” away at writing computer code.

    Do everyone a favor and take this article down.

    • Woah such a big comment sorry not reading all this just want to say that hacking is an idea and many of us have different way of seeing that idea. That’s all from me , and that’s a really big comment and I am too busy in being better
      #Peace #Nayani

      • More like too busy being ignorant. Since you’re too lazy to read it, it basically points out that you don’t know what you’re talking about. Hacking isn’t an idea. Good luck “being better,” you definitely need it.

      • TSK TSK Nayani… that reply is same as “you got your head where the sun don’t shine”

        • Hahahaha that’s okay. I don’t want any fights we are all humans right why fight each other spread peace. Its okay if someone doesn’t agree with me I respect every comment but I will not argue with them cause they have their way of thinking and I have mine 🙂

          • You Rock Dude!!!!in reality we don’t know everything…..and we if we act like we do then we are STUPID…..this world of cyber security is Vast….to even be close to TOP we must be constantly learning…so your def. of Black,White,Grey or Gray never said I was an amazing writer speller anyway keep up the Good Work….the Experts are those that are Constantly Active Learners Not Gainsayersand Complainers

    • “0perate between the realms….”this is supposed to be some Great Def of Black and White Hacking and Grey Hacking? we must continue to learn how to be cordial and Curious and Quiet

      • It’s a better definition than “a grey hat is someone who informs to the government, who in turn hacks their enemies.” Which is a ridiculous idea.

      • Here’s a much better way to “how to become a hacker.” According to the name of the article, this article should cover how one can become a hacker. It does no such thing. After the author showed his ignorance, I decided to provide a better explanation.

        – Don’t focus on specific tools or attack methods.
        – Learn to master Linux. I would recommend Ubuntu or Debian for starters, and once you have a mastery of those, move on to Kali. Kali is an advanced distro that takes a lot of skill to master. Once you understand and have a solid foundation of Linux and have moved on to Kali, you need to know how to create Kali VM’s, boot to a live environment from a Kali USB, and dual boot.
        – Learn a programming language. Ruby is great for starters, but a good majority of hackers use Python. You will need to be able to write basic Ruby/Python, shell, and Powershell scripts. You don’t need to be a Computer Science major, but you should be able to understand basic code. Once you have an understanding of a language like Python or Ruby and can write basic shell scripts, I would move on to a language like C.
        – Learn ho networks and servers work. Have an understanding of tcp/ip protocols and know how to use tools like telnet, ssh, ping, etc..

        If you can do the above, you should be in good shape for some hacking.

    • he made the article for the lulz i guess

    • I agree with you FluxCannon on this. While automation of task can be one benefit that hackers aim at but this is beyond problem solving, enhancing efficiency & automation.

  4. nice article

  5. Where would a total Newby who is highly interested in this field get started?

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