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August 25, 2018 | Views: 4057

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The integrated traffic management program can leverage the ability of the NSI platform. It can be used for telemetry from the networks, and other data centers can be the infrastructure to deliver the intelligent traffic management.

It can be integrated into the traffic management program in the NSI with the initiative for developing the combined solutions with the leading third party of the network and the data center products. These are the solutions that can make it easier for the NSA customers to deploy the advanced traffic solutions to be better and more consistent for the application performance.

The making of the traffic system can be more effective so it can be named as the integrated management system. It can be launched with the phase in the state. In the first phase, the scheme will be implemented in the urban areas of the selected 12 districts. Fifty cross can be provided by the state government in the budget.

Why Choose the Best Traffic Solution?

Under this scheme, it can have the intelligent transport system established under the automatic signal control system. It can separate the signal system for the pedestrians, traffic management centers, etc. So this type of scheme can have the smooth operation of the traffic system, and it is monitoring by the arrangements. It can be made by sending e-challan to be marked for violating the traffic rules. So the special arrangements can be made for the scheme of emergency vehicles to pass without the interruption.

 Benefits of Traffic Management

You have to optimize the road users of the network by improving the journey planning with real-time information and the satellite navigation. Through the traffic, you have to measure the speed and access to control or the public transport priority measures. It can help you deliver the transport policy goals, such as Eco-driving and the safe, efficient use of the road space. You have to monitor the status of the network in real-time for the rapid detection of the incidents, emergencies, and weather events. By using the electronic payment, it can enable the toll charges and demand for the management measures to be implemented flexibly.

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