Flaw in μTorrent That Lets Hackers Control Your PC Remotely

March 5, 2018 | Views: 4230

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Most of us are using the popular and handy software called μTorrent for downloading and streaming stuff and if you are one of them then you must download its latest version ASAP.

You must have seen after pressing that red cross button to close torrent, it still runs in the background until you exit it.Added to that the μTorrent Classic and μTorrent Web apps run in the background on the Windows machine and start a locally hosted HTTP RPC server on ports 10000 and 19575, respectively, using which users can access its interfaces over any web browser.

But according to a Google “Project Zero” research, it has been found that several issues with these RPC servers could allow remote attackers to take control of the torrent download software with little user interaction. uTorrent apps are vulnerable to a hacking technique called the “DNS rebinding” that could allow any malicious website a user visits to execute malicious code on user’s computer remotely.

To execute DNS rebinding attack, one can simply create a malicious website with a DNS name that resolves to the local IP address of the computer running a vulnerable uTorrent app.


WHAT NOW…..??????

There’s no need to worry because patches are already available for that,  all you gotta do is to update to the latest version.

You can download one of the given releases of:

  • μTorrent Stable
  • BitTorrent Stable
  • μTorrent Beta
  • μTorrent Web

Good Day!!!!!

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  1. showing the hack technical details would be awsome

  2. thinks for the information..

  3. ESET wont even let me download utorrent, hasn’t for months, it blocks the site for malicious activity.

  4. i wonder who and why people still use μTorrent Classic and μTorrent Web apps?

    The only time i stream is using netflix or from a web page that does not install items

    i download iso’s but never have i seen it ask to install utorrent or torrent

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