Part 3: Create a Complete Virtual Environment for Penetration Testing

March 18, 2016 | Views: 18703

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Install Mac OS X (Yosemite)


Hello, fellow Cybrarians:

Thank you for your supportive comments and positive feedback. It encouraged me to do more tutorials to benefit this great Community.

Today, we’re going to setup a Mac OS X virtual machine and connect to the Pfsense.


Tutorial Requirements:

Tutorial Guidelines:

  • Downloading the VDMK and extracting it
  • Creating a virtual machine for Mac
  • Configure the settings of  the Mac machine
  • Installing Mac OS
  • Connecting the Mac machine to the Pfsense


First, before we begin, let’s understand some terminology…

–  What is VMDK?   

Virtual Machine Disk is a file format that developed initially for VMWares, but also supports Virtual Box environment. They are many types of virtual disks that can be used in Virtual box:


– All of them support dynamical allocated sizing

– All of them support snapshots


Let’s start…

Step 1: Downloading the VDMK and Extracting it

  • Download the WinRAR file that’s provided in the requirement section and extract it using any preferable extraction tool
  • Once you Extract the file, you should have files that are similar to the below picture




Step 2: Creating a Virtual Machine for Mac





  • Choose the Mac VMDK




Step 3: Configure the Settings of the Mac Machine

  • In the System tab, make sure to uncheck the Enable EFI and Hardware Clock



– EFI: Extensible Firmware Interface, EFI is a new BIOS standard developed by Intel.


– For the System tab above, make sure to uncheck Enable EFI and Hardware Clock

– For the Display tab, Increase the Video Memory to its full capacity of 128MB



  • And for the Network tab, setup the network adapter as Internal to able to connect it later to Pfsense


We’re done with the settings. Let’s start the machine and go through the installation process.

Step 4:  Installing Mac OS

  • Once the virtual machine starts, it would take 3 mins to fully load

  • In the welcome screen, choose Mac OS Yosemite Niresh and click Continue

  • The loading process starts, which usually takes 2-3 minutes and it should take you to the welcome screen


  • Choose the language and click continue

  • 22.JPG

    Click Continue



  • Choose my Computer does not connect to the internet. Click Continue.

  • We’ll deal with the connection later

  • 25.JPG

    Click Continue


  – Create a username and password for your account. Click Continue.


         – It would take few seconds to setup the desktop


    DONE !!


Note: You always use snapshot or clone feature to backup your box to avoid going through the process again if something wrong happens during your pentesting…


Step 5: Connecting the Vbox to the pfsense

  1. Open the PFsense box first and then ping its IP address from the Mac machine. In our first tutorial (PART-1), I set it up as
  2. Ping or any website to check the internet connection.


You should get a reply from both if you followed all the steps.

That’s all for this tutorial. Hope it was useful and stay tuned for more.


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  1. Great guide

    not sure if it’s my setup (using the latest virtualbox-version 5.1 on linux) i had to activate the flag “Enable EFI” – without it I only got a black screen and no booting.

    after enabling the flag contrary to the guide everything worked fine and i could setup my useraccount.

  2. I created the Mac VM as instructed…when I started it and it went beyond the “Hackintosh” splash page, it went directly to a login page that requires an existing user account. It will not allow me to create a new user. WhY?

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