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EC-Council stands for International Council of E-Commerce Consultants that is a member-based professional organization of global reach. Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) is an EC council certification that is awarded to indicate your adeptness in network security, particularly in checking malicious hacking attacks, through preventive countermeasures. A certified ethical hacker can infiltrate a network and inspect extant vulnerabilities at the behest of the required firm.

How to crack the EC council exam:

Authorized EEC-Council Training centers run the intensive 5-day certification course, while authorized examination centers oversee the certification exam. Instructor-led courses and self-study can help you pass the exam. The course prepares you to appear for the CEH exam. At the completion of the course, you will be geared up for the exam and will be able to handle any sort of ethical hacking or penetration testing situations that occur in your IT security profession. These skills are in huge demand worldwide and the EC council certification is well-admired. Earning the certification is the gateway to new job openings or promotions.

Here are some tips to crack this exam:

  • Devote at least 8 hours each day for studying.
    • Divide equal time for theory and practical learning.
  • Assign more time for preparation of important topics such as Port Scanning and SQL Injection.
  • Emphasize on hacking tools such as CEH V7 that are specially designed for this.
  • Consult Google and hacking forums when you have difficulty.
  • Memorize and use all the switches which are applied with Nmap.
  • Prepare notes and go over them before the examination.
  • Don’t skip any topic or ignore any query. It is necessary to clear all your doubts and study all the topics before taking the examination.

CEH certification course:

It is ironic that despite malicious hacking being a felony, it’s only ethical hackers who can impede malicious hacks. The certified ethical hacker credential is a vendor-neutral certification for IT professionals who wish to dedicate themselves to legally limiting the nasty hackers by means of the same tools and knowledge that malicious hackers employ. In addition, the CEH experts abide by the law and honour a code of ethics while they execute their duties. You can become a certified ethical hacker if you have at least two years of security-related work experience that is necessary to get admission to EC Council Training program. The training is intended to help weed out malicious hackers and new hackers. Once you earn the credential, you will undergo thorough personnel security investigations and background checks. Security clearances are mandatory to be eligible for IT security jobs at private, as well as government, agencies.

In addition to the certified ethical hacker certification, EC-Council awards several other credentials applicable for security programming, network security, e-commerce and computer forensics posts. There are different proficiency levels in the certification program that begin from entry-level and go to consultant or independent contractor level. It is recommended that you contact an accredited training center to accomplish preparation and successfully crack EC Council exam.

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  1. Who has 8 hours a day to study???

  2. A question for getting employment. Do you think CEH labs are better than OWASP labs?
    especially if you are devoting 8 hours a day to study for it.

  3. Great Article! You overview a lot of the info needed for someone interested by the CEH certification. +15

  4. Nice one there..!!
    have a doubt clear if possible — Can a person without any security field experience give the ceh exam as in my case i am cse graduate can i give the paper in a month or two ?

    • A small confusion plz give me a conformation guys,Now am going to complete inter 2nd year iam interested in hacking is it better to join in BCA when compared to B-tech to do ethical hacking course.plz give me a small clarity in this,is it safe to join in BCA

      • Yes, it is always a right time to join Hacking no matter you’re in BCA or BE/B.Tech. I am BE student and I know the burden an Engg. student have. Even you might be having the same burden but you curicullum is perfect (you learn only what industry needs), this is what I feel. Learn Hacking in your spare time. That’s what I do.
        Good Luck & Happy Hacking…

    • If you learn and practice, you can appear for the exam in 2-3 months period. Hard work is utmost required in your case. Practice, Practice and Practice.
      Practical knowledge also plays a great in IT security along with theoritical.
      Good luck.

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