CISSP Certification Exam: How difficult is it to pass?

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This is a great article to read if you are getting ready to commit to taking the CISSP certification. If you are looking for the best ways to secure a good score and pass at your first attempt, then it’s the best place to get all the information, tips and tricks that you need. 

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How difficult is it to pass the CISSP?

The CISSP exam1 difficulty level is a subjective matter. To some of us, it is bewildering, stressful, and for others, it is surprisingly simple. Having said, that does not mean that exam preparation is not required. In both these cases, you need to prepare in a well-strategic manner with the correct approach. 

The importance of CISSP certification for a professional 

As per the Authority body, this certification is one of the most sought-after certifications of (ISC)2 besides it advances and opens rewarding career avenues to the infosec professionals. This certification is sure to take you to new levels in your career and as you progress as a leader in the industry.

A CISSP certification validates all your cybersecurity skills and demonstrates your knowledge in the design, implementation, engineering, and security practices to run an Information Security program.

CISSP earns you a salary which ranks among the top 5 most paying job-roles across the globe; however, it is subjected to the exposure and industry experience. Also, it future proofs your security skills, keep your skills relevant, and keeping yours ahead in your career.    

Why get a CISSP Certification?

Being the most coveted certification in the Infosecurity domain, CISSP is one of the most in-demand credentials among the IT professional, especially security professionals across industries.

Being the most rewarding credential among Infosec professionals, CISSP enhances your marketability and demand in the industry. There are other motivations as well, including knowledge gaps, salary, peer recognition, network expansion, and industry insight. Besides, certified professionals always contribute more to the development and maturation of the profession through their learnings and exposure.

Additionally, you get to learn the latest curriculum while preparing for the CISSP exam. You get to learn about other parallel subjects as well in the process of attaining the exam. Some of the references that you get along the way are incredibly insightful. When you enroll to seek proper guidance from a recognized training provider, you gain a lot of knowledge for better comprehension of the concepts. Which otherwise is not possible in self-learning practice. So, when you attend such training, you increase your knowledge and improve the chances to pass the exam.

The CISSP Difficulty Measure

As mentioned already, it is a subjective matter; some characteristics of the CISSP curriculum are difficult for some people; however, maybe not so difficult for others. Some domains indeed require deeper understanding; however, others can be deceiving. So, if your preparation is appropriate, the approach is right, and you can ace it at first go. But if there is a gap in understanding and strategy, then the candidates perform poorly. It is not an equal distribution of questions across all eight domain. So, to get the passing score, you need to study each of the domains thoroughly. Some domains are factual, while others are not, and a few may be contextual and interpretative focusing on best practices, principles, and more.

How should I begin preparation and training?

The things you may do on your own include reviewing the main topics in each domain. It will give you an idea of your key strength areas and weaknesses that you may have as well. You can take the practice exam and book online mock tests. Industry experts recommend that one must take at least two practice exams before the certification.

One of the best methods is to get enrolled in a recognized training program. You can interact with industry-specialized and certified instructors, doubt-clearing sessions, and you get to practice hands-on Mock questions and Live Simulators. Cybrary offers free CISSP courses along with practice exams, assessments, and labs included in the Insider Pro membership.

Getting Sponsored from Employer

Another way is to get your upskilling sponsored by your employer. Several employers have a separate budget for employee upskilling, upgrading knowledge, and proficiency in their respective domains. Information security is one such domain in which more and more employers are looking to hire in best skills and hence would be glad to invest. All you need to do is to propose to your employer. You can utilize Cybrary for Business to have your employer pay for your cert prep training on Cybrary. They even have a 7-day free trial for your team.


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To Sum It Up

Interestingly, all that we have heard about the CISSP program is quite true. The difficulty level is quite high for CISSP; however, it is not unattainable. With proper guidance, strategy, and training. You can attain the knowledge to pass the CISSP certification exam in the first attempt. 


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