Why Choose Information Technology?

March 6, 2019 | Views: 997

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The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) is the new wave of technology. From the very beginning back in the 18th centuries in Europe America, all the way to 2019 where the future is now. There is no secret, the world is changing- rapidly. Children get handed devices with code longer than their life’s age and expected to understand how to manage it all- to manage the technology of information. It’s time to teach and spread knowledge about something that is already people’s daily lives. It’s time to bring awareness and education into the future.

What is Information Technology?

Information Technology as a subject itself can and is interpreted differently. It refers to the study, design, development, support or management of computer-based systems- such as hardware and software. Whenever you hear IT, think of the data (or information) processing; statistics, networks, users, storage, analysis, etc.

The IT support team is almost everywhere in every profession. Schools, hydropower plants, journalist offices or even kindergartens. This is because technology follows wherever electricity goes, and we need people to understand the systems and to take care of them correctly. The term is a synonym for computers or computer systems, but is also considers other devices or technologies such as telephones or television. So, Information Technology itself can be referred to as anything that is technology and has the capability to hold information- thus the name Information Technology.

What does it hold for the future?

Information Technology is evolving as we speak and keep improving, both by humans and by artificial intelligence that run based on machine learning. As mentioned earlier, we are stepping into the fourth wave of technology, and talking about the “hyper realistic future of cyber” is in fact the present reality. Below is a degree to which business / governance believe emerging technologies will have an impact in the next 4 years:

  1. Machine Learning – Business 92% / Govt. 90%
  2. Internet of Things – Business 91% / Govt. 88%
  3. Block Chain – Business 90% / Govt. 82%
  4. Quantum Computing – Business 85% / Govt. 80%
  5. 3D Printing – Business 83% / Govt. 80%
  6. Robotics – Business 81% / Govt. 72%
  7. Biometrics – Business 80% / Govt. 82%
  8. Augmented Reality (AR) – Business 80% / Govt. 77%
  9. Artificial Intelligence – Business 79% / Govt. 75%
  10. Virtual Intelligence – Business 79% / Govt. 75%
  11. Virtual Reality (VR) – Business 76% / Govt. 74%
  12. Drones – Business 72% / Govt. 66%
  13. Autonomous Vehicles – Business 70% / Govt. 63%

Statistics taken from https://witanworld.com/blog/2018/04/04/informationtechnology/

The biggest challenge for Information Technology, is the security. Aside from the electronics and the data that we input and take usage of, we are lacking in focus when it comes to security and threats. This is where Artificial Intelligence with the help of Machine Learning can help reduce incidents with the help of algorithms. Where Block Chain Technology can help us with a safer transaction that is fault-proof and secure. Where Virtual Intelligence and Reality can help us see the insides of a person’s fractured bones with the help of a program and a pair of glasses.

Educating at early age

“Digital tools help children understand things they can’t see, such as how seeds sprout roots and grow into plants or how a bird constructs a nest.” – Young Children And Tech Brief

Preparing for the future is in our nature, and our kids is the part of the new future. They keep in touch with friends, family, new trends around the world and keeps up with the updates that goes online. The world is changing, and technology driving most of that change. To be prepared of a world fully immersed in a technical reality, our future- our kids, need to understand the current technologies and a confidence in mastering the tools that will be mainstream in the future. It’s just like when you got a new washing machine, a new sewing method, or new electric cars. It is something that is so needed to understand that some specifics will need learning- like simply how to charge it. By teaching people at an early rate in life, they’ll be put in better position to tackle the challenges and see all the amazing opportunities they’ll be faced with in the upcoming future.

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