Which Certification is Easier, CEH or CISSP?

August 26, 2017 | Views: 19298

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IT security certifications are critical for a career in the world of cyber security. But in order to get into the world, you have to clear certification exams that meet the industry parameters and standards. There are two points to a business’ security – the first is testing vulnerabilities of a testing system and the second is the management of security controls.

There are two popular options you can look at, CEH for the former and CISSP for the latter. CEH is Certified Ethical Hacker while CISSP is Certified Information Systems Security Professional. Both certifications impart training on all aspects necessary to secure a business’ systems. But it is essential for you to first understand the difference between the two.

Understanding the Two

CEH certification

A CEH certification allows you to become a hacker for your organization. Check all the entry points that a malicious hacker can use to enter the system to spread a virus or steal data. Hence, the term ethical hacker.

CISSP Certification

A CISSP certification allows you to establish a proper setup for security controls in a workplace. You will be responsible for testing that the system is strong and secure.

Getting the Certification

If you want to be a CEH professional, you require an experience of 2 years (minimum). Once you get accepted into the course, get ready to encounter real life hacking scenarios. You will be taught how to undertake these attacks and the solutions that you can provide for better security.  An interactive environment and the CEH training provides an intensive environment to help students understand the steps that are necessary for a system’s security. Security officers and professionals responsible for network integrity will greatly benefit from this course.

To become a CISSP Professional, the training institute will give you the knowledge on key security issues. Cyber security knowledge has to be backed by standards of ethics as laid down by the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium (ISC)2. The course is best suited for security consultants, engineers, architects, and auditors. There is a high demand for professionals with this credential. One caveat about becoming CISSP certified is that you must have 5 years of on the job experience before you can even take the exam. There are some other stipulations that you look up on the ISC2 website.

But Which Is Easier?

There is no easy way to answer this question. It all depends on your interest and capabilities. CEH and CISSP both address the same key issue of cyber security. While one looks at the loopholes and ways to hack the system, the other works to manage the security system’s functionality. In general terms, CEH is considered easier when compared to CISSP.  The exam for a CEH course does not entail as many questions in the final exam as does a  CISSP program.

A Quick Note:

It should be noted that you will be eligible for a larger salary if you complete a CISSP certification. A CEH certification will provide you with a salary of about $70,000 on average unless you take on multiple contract jobs. A CISSP certification goes for about $90,000 in a number of cases. Although both the salaries depend on who employs you and where are you employed.

Whatever it is you are interested in doing, you must thoroughly understand how the CEH and CISSP training programs work. It is clear that a CEH training program will be easier to complete but at the same time, it won’t pay as much as a CISSP program. Both of these options do provide you with the ability to complete a variety of tasks that are especially important in today’s online world.

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  1. As someone who has the CEH, I can attest to the exam being subpar. It is essentially a vocabulary test. The CEH itself is a great introduction to hacking tools, but it will not teach you to become a hacker. The OSCP is what you would want to take for this. The CEH is good to have if you are working in government, however, as many government jobs require it (at least in the US).

    The CISSP is more for managers and really is in a different category than CEH. It’s like comparing apples to oranges here. Yes, both exams are security related, but they are for different fields in security.

    Overall, the CISSP has much stricter requirements and is a much harder exam to pass.

  2. After reviewing the new CompTIA Cybersecurity Analysis+ (CSA+) out performs and is better in teaching the fundamentals of ethical hacking, digi-forensics, and vulnerabilities. CEH is way over rated and is more of a HR checker and a way to get an interview. Works for Defense contracting. Not much else. A real interview will pull out whether one knows “how” to hack to one that knows how to “answer” questions on an exam.

    Whereas, CISSP is a concentration of a broad knowledge of top level awareness of IT security and management. There are on different spectrum and are not the same nor are they in the same category. CISSP candidates have to apply and be sponsored by another CISSP holding ISC2 person that will verify there experience. They just don’t allow anyone to walk in an get the fully rated CISSP. You can get the associate, but it only last a year.

    CompTIA has a better reputation. If one really wants to learn hacking/penetration testing seek out Mile2 or go big and get the OSCP using Kali Linux. EC Council & CEH is a joke in the real world.

  3. I think that for an entrance carrier in Security is better to get the CEH.

  4. CEH is easier because the EC Council allows you the sit the exam as long as you have approved training. It allows that flexibility because for me, who has no prior experience, where am I gonna get it from?

  5. CEH is easy as per comparison with CISSP, FOR CISSP you should have 5 years of experience in Information Security.

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