How to Catch Phishing Sites with Certstream Logs

February 1, 2018 | Views: 4067

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What is certstream


CertStream is an intelligence feed that gives you real-time updates from the Certificate Transparency Log network, allowing you to use it as a building block to make tools that react to new certificates being issued in real time.

And by using this we are going to catch phishing sites using certstream SSL certificate live streaming.


Steps to catch phishing sites

  • First open your terminal and clone into this url with following command:

git clone


  • Go to your downloaded directory with cd phishing_catcher


  • Install required dependencies with pip install -r requirements.txt


  • Finally run the program with  python and it will start showing list of malicious phishing sites by using live certstream SSL certificate


Caught the malicious phishing site

And below you can see we got some fake Apple sites with similar looking interface


 So by using following instructions you can be aware of malicious phishing sites and protect yourself to be their victim also remember to always look for the HTTPS in the URL


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  1. There’s typo, it’s not “python” it’s “python”

  2. Hello,

    i’m really new to this computer world and i’m just wondering if this can only be done on Linux or if it can be done on your windows terminal for eg?

    also when you download the phishing catcher-git. is this something stays on your computer or is it something that you need to download every time you wish to check?

    kind regards

    • If you have dependencies installed on your system you can use on your desired OS, and no you don’t need to download every time , just run the script.

      • Okay cool, so dependencies are files to make packets smaller. which most system already have. That’s the understanding iv just read up on. So i’m hoping that my windows 10 will already have the files installed, or i will become stuck on what to do next.

        a good article and a good starting point to learn.
        Thank you.

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