Career Opportunities After SAP Course and Certification

August 13, 2017 | Views: 4648

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You have invested time and money into obtaining your Systems Applications and Products certification (also referred to as SAP certification.) Now, you must decide which career path to travel or business opportunity to explore. Which career opportunities are available for SAP-certified professionals?

Identify a Specific Department First

Due to the broad range of fields covered by systems applications and products, the list of possible career opportunities is much more extensive than you might think. This is why it is highly recommended to identify a specific field and then explore the opportunities within that field.

Logistics and Human Resources

Most jobs for SAP-certified professionals in the world of logistics deal with production, product management, and maintenance. From inventory managers and warehouse specialists to quality control analysis and production planning specialists, there are quite a few logistics opportunities that are ideal fits for people who have successfully completed an SAP course.

There are also numerous opportunities available in the field of human resources as well. For instance, SAP-certified professionals can have successful and lucrative careers as HR managers, payroll managers, and HR administrators.

Accounting and Finance

SAP-certified professionals can also make a lot of money and career advancements within the fields of accounting and finance as well. For instance, the knowledge learned within an SAP course comes in handy as an Accounts Payable (AP) Specialist or Accounts Receivable (AR) Manager. Consultants and specialists within the fields of asset accounting, bank accounting, disputes and collections, product costing and investment management can also benefit greatly from obtaining SAP certification.

Enjoy High-Level Warehouse Careers

It does not necessarily take an SAP class or certification to obtain an entry-level warehouse position – such as a warehouse clerk, driver or even forklift operator. If you want to escalate up the corporate ladder within the typical warehouse environment, this type of certification can come in handy. For instance, obtaining a certification in the SAP field can build a solid foundation for a lasting career as a Web Application Designer, SAP Business Objects Designer or even a warehouse analyst or manager.

SAP Careers in the SAP Field

In addition to the numerous fields in which you can apply your SAP knowledge and certification, there is also the expanding world of SAP careers and business opportunities that you can seriously consider. For instance, you could explore a career journey as an expert SAP System Administrator or Security & Authorizations Specialist.

If you enjoy being able to work on designs and system infrastructures from scratch, perhaps an ideal career opportunity to consider would be a Solution Manager Architect. There are also such options available like SAP ABAP Programmer, Winshuttle Application Specialist, and SAP HANA Administrator. Checkout- Overview of SAP Certification Program

Complementing Other Educational Paths

If you are not interested in an SAP-specific career path, you may need to consider other educational paths in addition to SAP certification. For instance, if you want to pursue a career in accounting and finance, many high-level positions may require you to obtain a degree in those respective fields as well. Even for an entry-level position or to make it into the pool of qualified candidates, you may need at least an Associate’s degree along with certification in SAP to make the cut.

Take Time to Do the Research

Before you commit to any specific career path, make sure you take the time to do the research. Pay close attention to your current knowledge and experience as well as your goals and career ambitions. Once you have taken the time to do so, a specific field and career opportunity may emerge that seems like the perfect fit for your professional preferences, skills and work history.

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