Brutal: A Toolkit to Quickly Create Various Payloads

December 17, 2016 | Views: 6193

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I was searching for the frameworks where I can create payloads, various types of virus attacks, and PowerShell attacks quickly and easily. Then I got a toolkit, Brutal. There is no need for Human to Keyboard interaction (HID-Attacks).

Using it you can take reverse TCP connections, exploit local DDL, read out all the saved passwords.

I’ll tell you how to use it on Kali Linux.

Clone it from GitHub

Go to the directory and type command

chmod +x

then type


Now you create or download payloads quickly.

That’s it!

But it’s not the end. You need some additional information how to use it. You need some hardware. You need some requirements to be fulfilled before running the whole process.

I have created a simple demonstration video on it from where you can begin:

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Here is my another article

Thank you!

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  1. Thanx for the good share. I think the idea is more like the same mechanism used by rubber ducky if im not wrong. Thank you again and wish you good luck.

    • yes the $5 poison tap works in a similar way as a rubber ducky, in which case you need physical access to the device, the $5 Poison tap Can be countered by disconnecting and disabling Internet and Wifi on the Device before: logging off, or shutting down, going into hibernation, ect. ( pretty sure MAC filtering and 802.1x are both effective in countering it aswell, I’ve never tested it though.

  2. How does it compare to msfvenom / msfpc?

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