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Summary – As a System Administrator, handling RAID arrays, you might have come across data loss situations due to RAID Controller/Card failure or any other reason leading to failed RAID arrays.

In this article, we present an advanced RAID recovery software to date to rescue this situation. Read on to know more about the software utility, its features, and benefits …and how it could be your best software companion for RAID recovery. Now, data is a crucial business asset, which needs to be restored and made available quickly to overcome downtime situations. But, it is difficult to carry out RAID recovery— restoring lost data from complex RAID arrays. Therefore, facing the loss of RAID data is unfortunate and annoying.

RAID is designed to store data at multiple disks (or redundant disks) to improve data availability, accessibility and security while enhancing the overall performance of a system. However, RAID arrays can fail at any point in time, thereby bringing data loss.

Therefore, working as a System Administrator with an organization who cannot compromise on data availability, the situation is a nightmare. So, what can be done to recover the data lost from RAID arrays failed due to corruption or any other issue?

To resolve the problem, a reliable solution to recover data from failed RAID drives is required. Let’s choose!

RAID recovery ‘software’ or ‘service’ as a solution

To recover the data which was lost from logically failed RAID arrays, both RAID recovery software and services are available. As software solutions are possible online, these allow easy download, install, and use. The software performance can also be checked then and there. On the other hand, the results of RAID recovery service quality can be evaluated only after the final delivery. Thus, a RAID data recovery software is recommended over a service, especially for logical corruption scenarios.

Points to consider before choosing a RAID recovery software

A hands-on and useful RAID software is preferred to attain a hassle-free and complete restoration of the entire lost data in its original form. Therefore, consider the following aspects before choosing one:

  • Software Interface: If the interface is user-friendly and easy-to-understand
  • Software Usability: Whether the data recover steps are easy and feasible
  • Software effectiveness: If the recovered data is healthy and usable

Note – Most RAID recovery software provide free download of the demo version to evaluate these key aspects.

Performing RAID recovery the best way

Beyond knowing the critical aspects of an ideal RAID recovery software, the next logical step is to try out one that does the job well. An advanced data recovery software such as Stellar Windows Data Recovery – Technician can be your best companion to recover the lost RAID data by building and then scanning RAID volumes.

Why Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Technician to recover lost RAID data? Many factors contribute to making the software a preferred choice for RAID recovery.

These are the advanced features:

  • Capable of recovering data from three RAID levels – RAID 0, RAID 5, and RAID 6
  • Retrieves data even if RAID Controller fails
  • Supports RAID Controller from multiple manufacturers: Gigabyte, Asus, Intel, NVidia, Adaptec, LSI Logic, Dell, etc.
  • Supports recovery from both hardware and software RAID arrays
  • Supports recovery from lost/deleted NTFS, FAT, FAT16, FAT32, exFAT partitions
  • Restores lost or formatted logical RAID volumes
  • Recovers data in both cases, whether RAID parameters are known or unknown

Note – If RAID parameters are not known, the software detects and displays these: Start sectors, Stripe/Block size, Parity/Order rotation, and Parity/Repetition Delay. Subsequently, you can select the probable values for each.

  • Provides a preview of the recovered RAID data before saving
  • Provides a powerful and advanced scan mechanism to retrieve lost RAID data

Its advantages:
Ensures effective and error-free results i.e., it recovers entire RAID data without discrepancy and offers easy RAID data recovery or restoration of lost RAID data/partitions with its user-friendly interface having self-explanatory process-steps.


RAID arrays are complicated. Hence, managing and keeping these up round the clock for days, months, and years is difficult. After some time, RAID arrays do fail. And consequently, data gets lost. This is when RAID is needed. The best practice in such logical failure scenarios is to use a reliable RAID software like Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery-Technician with due consideration of its key aspects — user interface, ease-of-use, and effectiveness in recovering RAID data.

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