AWS Solutions Architect Certification Preparation, Salary, Skills & benefits: An Ultimate Guide

June 12, 2019 | Views: 1802

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AWS Certified Solutions Architect career path is highly in-demand among IT professionals seeking a career in cloud and virtualization. Owing to its widespread demand among IT hiring managers, every IT professional wants to tread the path that AWS covers through the services and resources provided by Amazon services in breadth. Before we embark upon the informational journey of Amazon’s Solutions Architect features. Let us find out the role and responsibilities of Solutions Architect in general.


Role of Solutions Architect:


Needless to say, Solutions Architect is a challenging role and it is not completely technical and not solely business oriented as well. It is the mix of both the world, a perfect amalgamation and hence the job-role would include the combination of both the responsibilities. You, as a Solutions Architect, be responsible for implementing a design to make sure that it brings the various kinds of characteristics ensuring resilience and elasticity.

As per a leading salary survey website, the national average for a Solutions Architect is $122,087 (in the United States). This data is based on various salaries submitted anonymously to the website by various Solutions Architect employees.   


What is the demand like, in the industry, currently

There is a high demand for virtualization skills. Companies, these days, are looking for (head-hunting for) Solutions Architects. IT professionals skilled in such KRAs and path aligns their career goal to make it futuristic, as AWS technology is here to stay. To ace such an interview, you need to have a background on the role and AWS Solutions Architect Associate certification. This can be attained only through well-strategic and laid-out training program.

AWS certification is intended to verify your advanced technical skills and experience in handling designing distributed applications and systems on the AWS platform. AWS Certified Solutions Architect path offers a strong foundation for other certifications as well and it is mostly about architecture rather than implementation.


Benefits of AWS you cannot turn a blind eye to:


There are some exceptional advantages of AWS certifications and if you are at an edge need to get your AWS certification, check out the below-mentioned major benefits. The market share of AWS is 33 percent and increasing every year. In such a scenario, you got to know all the hidden benefits of attaining AWS credentials:


Skilled AWS experts are high in-demand:

Needless to say, that a technology which is holding 33 percent market share, and giving major competition to biggies such as Microsoft, VMware, and Google and achieving year to year growth is likely to dominate the cloud computing market even more in coming days. In such an era it can be well considered that AWS credentials are going to be extremely lucrative for every professional who wants to take-up cloud as a career.


Increased Earning Potential:

As per a recent survey from one of the most renowned sources, it has been observed that average salaries of AWS professionals have increased by 25.9 percent. There are several respondents, mostly certified, who reported an average annual income of $113,932 USD and the non-certified peers as $90,512 USD as an annual average earning. This clearly shows that you would be earning way more than your non-certified peers.  


Display your commitment to the profession:

When you earn a certification in your domain or professional, it clearly reflects the level of time, effort, and commitment to your profession and career. When you demonstrate such level of commitment, you improve an overall impression of potential colleagues, employers, and partners.


Edge in the Hiring Process:

AWS certification, undoubtedly, will offer you an added edge over other non-certified peers. The certification will help you in the spotlight among others. It is studied that hiring recruiters always favor candidates with globally acclaimed certifications.


AWS Certification is easy to achieve:

AWS certification is not a time-taking job, with proper guidance and right approach it can be achieved than other comparable certifications.

AWS is the future of tomorrow’s professionals. With the changing technology sphere, the need of the industry is also changing making AWS an indispensable part of the organization.

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