Apache Guide to Running *Juliar * on a Webserver

October 19, 2016 | Views: 3617

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This guide will teach you how to run *Juliar * on a WebServer. For those of you who haven’t heard, *Juliar * is actively being developed to work as a server side language.

You might ask:

Why should I use *Juliar * to run a webserver?

Besides being quick and easy to use. *Juliar * provides nice commands that allow you to limit the commands you can use via allowed_commands and banned_commands list, ability to do asynchronous calls and calculations, and other nice network features. It will soon have it’s own database and as a database, I will later be showing how to create your own Social Network with Juliar.

First thing first, grab latest version of Juliar at https://www.juliar.org/downloads.ju

So let’s load up apache httpd.conf file and make sure the following modules are loaded/uncommented (without # sign before them):


LoadModule proxy_module modules/mod_proxy.so

LoadModule proxy_fcgi_module modules/mod_proxy_fcgi.so

Next find the line that starts with ‘DocumentRoot’  and after it add the following:

<Proxy “fcgi://localhost:9000” enablereuse=on max=10>


<FilesMatch “.ju$”>

SetHandler “proxy:fcgi://localhost:9000/”


Next we download this script:

(Windows)  LaunchFastCGIforNGINXorApache.bat

(Linux/Mac) LinuxSpawn.sh

And run it.

That’s left to do is restart an Apache Server!

Try creating test.ju with *environment * command and placing it into your server folder. Open your browser and make sure the *Juliar * is working.


For more info, please visit the site at https://www.juliar.org and the forums at https://www.juliar.org/forums

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  1. Opinions are Like Thomb Browneye?

    And your’s stink!

  2. “Juliar” is a failed concept, vulnerable with (0Dayz) which has no real practical use.

    • Oh YeaH:?

    • Well, if your stupid enough to allow your machine to be open to “Zero-day” attacks, that does not say much for your security does it?

      Today’s security requires much higher work on development-side. I can safely say my IP is well hidden, I have ‘real’ time protection on exploits, malware, ransomware and web protection. My “digital-footprint” is never exposed on any website, even though I have a mapper running showing me the websites that are trying to get information off my machine.

      Anyone that thinks just an antivirus program will protect them these days, will soon discover the truth of the situation, is far different. Bypassing Antivirus now is too simple.

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