Aegis Secure USB Key by Apricorn – Super Secure USB stick for data in transit

March 6, 2018 | Views: 2397

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Another cool gadget I saw at the Toronto Tech Security Conference was ultra-secure USB storage by Apricorn

Now, this is cool their product is a secure USB thumb drive or SSD portable hard-drive it features built-in encryption built into the chip meaning no software needed on the PC.

They have a wide range of drives and sizes the keys and drives all have a keypad on the device you need to enter your passcode to decrypt the drive.

If you enter the password wrong 10 times the data is wiped this is perfect for data in motion as we have seen in the past with thumb drives being lost with customer data or hospital records in a few cases.

This forces the data to be encrypted so there is not oops i forgot to encrypt the data.

Now the construction of the key was my first concern what stops someone from taking the key apart to start trying to pull the decryption key off.

Well, the rep explained that the drives are first secured with FIPS140-2 encryption so good luck and on top of that the drives are filled with epoxy.

If that wasn’t enough the encryption keys are stored on 6 different chips pretty much this is as secure as a USB stick gets.


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  1. – just my thoughts for this topic on secure USB drive. everyone may start using secure USB drive. yes, it is safe to carry around the encrypted USB drive. In case, if the employee may misplace the encrypted USB drive and this could prevent fraudster from stealing/leaking confidential information that could possibility be industrial espionage. however, just speaking from another perspective, just thinking how would it be monitored for insider threat? meaning, there is an employee coping sensitive/confidential information to their personal desktop/laptop for their own benefit or competitor on their next job.

  2. This is actually very good and sophistication of technology in itself…

  3. I actually used this device and aegis’s other drives as well. There are other security settings in it you can employ as well. Including “Self Destruct” pins which will wipe the drive after you enter the pin. Also the drive doesn’t wipe after 10 failed attempts but it does lockout. Then, an admin has to enter a special pin. That admin will get 10 more attempts if they fail 10 times then the drive will wipe.

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